Environment and

Minimising its environmental impact is an important part of Dantherm's business conduct.

Dantherm in Denmark and China are certified according to the environmental management standard ISO 14001. The other companies follow Dantherm's environmental policy.

In 2013 in Denmark, recycling and correct waste sorting were special focus areas, both in production and administration. Dantherm also requires its suppliers to sort waste correctly, and has produced an information leaflet on the subject.

Moreover, the company has commissioned energy mapping and consultancy from three different energy consultants. The consultants have submitted a number of proposals for optimisation, which have been included in the company's list of potential energy optimisation measures.

Environmental policy

Dantherm wishes to act responsibly in relation to both the internal and the external environments.

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CR policy

Dantherm is a responsible company which recognises the group's duty to contribute to sustainable development.

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