responsibility 2014

CR IN 2014

In the course of the year, the working group which was set up at the end of 2013 started work on the strategic part of CR. Among other things, work was done on an action plan designed to ensure a more strategic approach to CR, and a summary was made of the CR activities in which the company is already engaged.

Based on a stakeholder analysis conducted in 2013, it has been decided that the CR activities will focus on the areas below to support Dantherm’s business strategy and provide the greatest possible commercial and socio-economic value.


Development of more energy-efficient products and sales-oriented measures.


The company’s environmental and climate-related efforts focus, for example, on accidents at work and environmental improvements.


Work on human rights, education, job satisfaction and other initiatives for employees.

CR policy

Dantherm is a responsible company which recognises the group's duty to contribute to sustainable development.

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