Dantherm was nominated for the United Federation of Danish Workers’ (3F) ‘Workplace of the Year 2014’ award. Dantherm earned an impressive third place in a strong field of four highly qualified nominees; Dantherm’s work with education, the working environment, health and retention of ill employees will be undiminished. Dantherm’s mentor scheme was one of the reasons why Dantherm was nominated for the ‘Workplace of the Year 2014’ award. 

The efforts to retain, for example, employees with chronic diseases continue, and in 2014 9.8% of Dantherm’s employees in Skive were employed on non-standard terms and conditions; the target is 10%.

In spring 2014, a survey of employee well-being was conducted in cooperation with the Joint Industrial Council for Technology and Cooperation (TekSam) set up by the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) and the Central Organisation of Industrial Employees in Denmark (CO-industri). 

A response rate of just under 83 was achieved. In 2015, the liaison committee at Dantherm Air Handling in Skive will continue working with the one area which showed a lower score than the national average.

In the course of 2014, Dantherm’s internal Code of Conduct was implemented. 60% of the Dantherm group’s employees in Skive, Denmark have learnt about and gained an understanding of Dantherm’s ethical guidelines. 

Dantherm’s Code of Conduct is based on the United Nations Global Compact and also contains sections on accountability, accounting policies and confidential information.

The dissemination of information about Dantherm’s anti-corruption policy and the training of employees will continue, and new employees will also be introduced to Dantherm’s Code of Conduct. 

Human rights

Dantherm does not have a policy for human rights but has covered the subject in the internal Code of Conduct and is committed to the UN principles.

Gender composition

In 2013, Dantherm’s Board of Directors adopted the following objective for the proportion of the under-represented gender in the senior executive body (members of the Board of Directors elected by the general meeting):
At the present time, Dantherm A/S has four members of the Board of Directors elected by the general meeting who are all men. It is the objective of Dantherm that, by the general meeting in 2016 at the latest, a minimum of one female member is nominated for election by the general meeting.

At the other management levels in Dantherm in Denmark, female managers represent 40% and are therefore not under-represented. Dantherm has drawn up a policy which will help to ensure equal opportunities in connection with recruitment.