Dantherm obtained environmental certification in 2000, and was recertified in accordance with ISO 14001 in Denmark in 2014. 

The other companies in the Dantherm group are sales and service companies and follow Dantherm’s environmental policy. 

Dantherm’s environmental efforts are part and parcel of our working lives, and each year a number of environmental targets are set and reported on. 

In 2014 – like in 2013 – focus was on energy optimisation, especially optimisation of electricity and natural gas consumption.

The working group aims to define a number of environmental indicators which can provide a precise picture of the company’s environmental impact.

Environmental policy

Dantherm wishes to act responsibly in relation to both the internal and the external environments.

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CR policy

Dantherm is a responsible company which recognises the group's duty to contribute to sustainable development.

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