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Welcome to our calculation tool! Here you can calculate the energy savings of the following combinations: Air Conditioning alone, Air Conditioning combined with Free Cooling, Free Cooling alone.

To get started: please fill in your input - and press CALCULATE.

We are happy to help! If you need a more specific calculation or your cooling site setup is different, please request energy savings counselling at the bottom of the page - it is none binding!


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Air Conditioner only

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Air Conditioner + Flexibox 450, 48 V DC

Annual Power Consumption kWH
Annual Energy Savings kWH or

Air Conditioner only Air Conditioner + Flexibox 450, 48 V DC

Above information and subsequent cost savings calculations are estimates only. Each application is different and actual results will vary. All testing and verification of actual performance and cost savings are the responsibility of the customer.

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