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Tetra Network Cooling Solutions

Safety and security for uptime is top of the list of criteria when choosing solutions to the Security Communication Networks - Critical Communications Networks - and TETRA Networks. It makes us proud to be selected as suppliers to such networks and therefore also to share these case studies with you.

The studies are for both shelter solutions in co-locations and for cabinet solutions. These networks help us all in crises situations where our authorities needs to stay connected to help the public - you and I. The networks are for authorities like e.g. fire brigade, police, paramedics, military and peace keeping forces.

Dantherm supplies the cooling solutions to provide optimal cooling to keep the network running also during power outages. Enjoy reading...


3 secrets to
financially sustainable
network infrastructure

Dantherm secrets to sustainable networks energy-savings

Based on the roll-out of a new TETRA network,
this article covers an innovative approach to new and existing network infrastructure with a view to ensuring financial sustainability, high coverage, durability and dependability.

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Integrated Cabinet
Solution for
Tetra Network

Dantherm integrated cabinet solutions tetra network

Peak load problems caused existing GSM network to fail.
When implementing a new system, reliability and uptime were the main focus...

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