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Dantherm is presenting a white paper under the title: "Energy Saving Comfort Solution for Containerized Systems". This white paper gives a look into the challenges that armed forces are facing in providing accommodation comfort in an economically efficient manner to its personnel. An example from Africa describes the dilemma and how it can be resolved.

Large amounts of fossil fuel are used to generate electrical power in deployed camps. The demand rapidly increases due to more energy-greedy equipment in order to establish personnel living conditions and to provide the equipment (computers, mobiles, heating and cooling etc.) with electric power. The new strategy of armed forces is aimed on energy efficiency and saving resources like fuel.

In the armies of many countries, containers are the basis for housing and other functions either as temporary or permanent housing, as a main building, cabin, or workshop. Military container structures are the ideal solution for tough territorial conditions, urgent and fast deployment. Moreover, it provides better living conditions for soldiers than tents and has many other advantages.

The aim of this White Paper is to find a solution of a two-fold problem: on one hand, there is a need to provide comfort conditions for military personnel in accommodation containers. On the other hand, it should be economically efficient.

The containers are often equipped with air-conditioners which consume a significant part of power. The problem is that inside insulated premises like containers the air is quickly saturated with CO₂. Firstly, it affects the health and working conditions of the staff. Secondly, the power consumption increases, which makes the air-condition work more intense.

The easiest way to supply containers with fresh air is to open a window/door for ventilation. Consequently, the air-condition starts to work even more intensively in order to decrease the temperature, which leads to increased fuel consumption.

Dantherm Air Handling has succeeded in developing a product - HX-M100 container ventilation, which can improve indoor air quality and improve the energy efficiency of military operations.

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