Intelligent monitoring control system

Intelligent Monitoring
Control System (IMCS)

Increase efficiency and ensure accurate reporting from damage sites and building structures in general.

The Dantherm Intelligent Monitoring Control system (IMCS) is a cloudbased sensor solution designed to control and monitor drying processes after water damages from remote. The IMCS optimizes the drying process and is especially useful for Damage Control Companies and Insurance Companies.

You only need to visit the damage site twice when installing IMCS on location. Firstly, when you set-up the drying process and secondly, when it is completed and you can pick up your equipment and move it to a new damage site.

CDT dehumidifier with IMCSWith IMCS you can remotely follow the status of heaters and dehumidifiers installed at different locations instantly on your tablet or computer. The data is gathered from wireless sensors on site and available in the cloud on the IMCS dashboard. The system has a simple and intuitive user interface for easy operation for all personnel.

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