Intelligent Monitoring
Control System
- how it works

A remote sensor network for the Damage Control Industry

When water has flooded the basement in a house, when moisture is a problem under the roof, or when mold is appearing on the back of a closet, the humidity and temperature levels in the materials and in the surrounding air, are the main factors to monitor.

In the traditional Water Damage Control Industry, operators measure these values manually or collect these via a datalogger. This requires many visits to the site, and consequently adds significantly to the total costs. 

Dantherm Intelligent Monitoring Control System is a much better solution!

By using the remote sensor network to monitor the damaged site and log data remotely, visits to the site can be reduced significantly.

In this way, the Intelligent Monitoring Control System (IMCS) provides a variety of data and statistics from the damage case. Through our dashboard this data can be used as documentation of the work and effort provided on site.

Besides logging data of humidity and temperature levels in various places in the damaged scene, electronic equipment can be operated and monitored as well.

All data is presented in a dashboard where the system can be managed and programmed. Alarm can be programmed on each sensor to be alerted if values are exceeded.

The Intelligent Monitoring Control System is integrated with Dantherm CDT dehumidifiers which makes it possible to extract data in the dashboard from the dehumidifiers and control these from remote.



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