The Technology behind
Intelligent Monitoring
Control System

The Intelligent Monitoring Control System is a mobile, wireless sensor network, automatically reporting crucial data to a cloud server and making these accessible anywhere with internet access.

The system consists of the following equipment and services:

The IMC control unit collects data from several wireless sensors and sends data via GSM to the cloud Dashboard.

The IMI sensor is installed in Dantherm CDT dehumidifiers. Installation only takes a few minutes and require no expert skills. The IMI sensor draws data from the CDT dehumidifiers and transmits these data to the IMC.

The sensor measures temperature and humidity in the room or building structure and transmits these to the IMC. 

The IMR relay sensor can be connected between the power plug and the dehumidifier or heater. 

Having the IMR relay installed you will be able to monitor the equipment and operate it remotely. It includes detecting whether it is in operation, measure the power consumption and switching it on and off.

The IMP is the probe itself, measuring temperature and relative humidity in the air and in the materials. It measures with an accuracy of +/- 1,8%. The probe is protected with a micron sinter filter for longer life in harsh conditions.

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