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Why choose a low-energy and highly efficient ventilation solution from Dantherm?

Because Dantherm have more than 50 years of experience in making air handling solutions and are experts in making quality air handling solutions. You can count on us as manufacturer and supplier of energy efficient heat recovery ventilation systems for private houses, new build projects as well as renovation.

HCV-HCH unitsWith a Dantherm heat recovery ventilation solution you not only get clean and fresh pre-heated air in your house. You also get Danish design and Danish quality from an expert in air handling solutions.

Dantherm heat recovery ventilation units are economic and silent and do not require much maintenance. Only the filters have to be replaced 1-2 times a year. Dantherm heat recovery ventilation units comply with relevant Building Regulations regarding energy consumption and are even ahead of their time.

Advantages of Dantherm MVHR units:

Extremely low operating costs.
Many years of dedicated development work have resulted in heat recovery ventilation units complying with the most severe building regulations. Dantherm's heat recovery ventilation units use the latest ventilation technology with low electricity consumption and longevity. The air flows through the unit are optimal and almost without resistance. In this way the fans are running less and consuming less energy.

Lightweight alu counterflow heat exchanger.
Dantherm has designed and developed a new counterflow alu heat exchanger in order to fulfil the ambitious targets of the HC heat recovery ventilation range. They have an efficiency level of up to 95% and a minimal pressure loss.

Stylish and functional HRC 2 wireless remote control.
A stylish and functional remote control is available as an optional extra for the Dantherm heat recovery ventilation units. It gives the user access to a large number of extra control options than those offered by the standard control panel. The remote control is in a nice and timeless design and can be left on the table or hang on the wall. The remote control gives access to 12 week programs, away operation, night operation, fireplace operation, reading of actual supply and extract air temperatures, RH% and CO2-values of the air.

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