Heat recovery residential
ventilation - User-friendly
and risk-free operation

Dantherm heat recovery residential ventilation provides a healthy and comfortable indoor environment

HCV-HCH unitsA Dantherm heat recovery ventilation unit is neither seen nor heard. It takes care of itself. It is energy-efficient and economical to run. It solves all indoor climate problems and ensures a pleasant environment with clean fresh air around the clock. Lightweight units, integrated pressure tubes and adjustment of air volumes directly on the unit make the ventilation system simple and uncomplicated for the installer. This makes Dantherm heat recovery ventilation units an extremely competitive choice both for new-builds and for retrofitting in existing houses.

A standard unit comes with an easy to use control panel which controls the ventilation unit according to the ventilation demand in the house 24-7. The home owner can adjust the fan speed or activate the by-pass module to obtain free cooling with outdoor air.

With an optional wireless remote control the user gets access to further control options, such as automatic demand control, manual operation, 12 pre-defined week programs, away operation, night operation and fireplace operation. Further he can read off temperature, relative humidity and CO2-values.

Control panel Wireless remote control
Control panel       Remote control 

Whether the ventilation unit is controlled by the control panel or the optional remote control, there is no risk of an inexpediently high energy consumption, if the user forgets to have adjusted the unit to max. fan speed or manual by-pass. The most important control features will revert to their default settings after four hours.

A Dantherm heat recovery ventilation system is virtually maintenance free. Only the filters have to be changed regularly and the surface of the unit be wiped with a cloth.

Dantherm heat recovery ventilation units come with G4 panel filters as standard on supply and extract air openings. This will cater for the majority of air cleaning needs. If there are problems with allergy in the family, G4 filters can be replaced by F7 pollen filters which ensures that allergens do not enter house through the ventilation system.

Filter change:
filter_changeA built-in filter timer is set to notify you of filter change twice a year.

Filter change takes place quickly and easily by the front cover. Apart from changing the air filters and cleaning the surface of the unit, any other form of service will have to be carried out by qualified personnel. 

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