Vertical and horizontal

Dantherm heat recovery ventilation units are available for wall mounting (HCV) and for mounting in the loft (HCH)

Heat recovery ventilation units HCV 4 and HCV 5, vertical models designed for wall installation in a cupboard :

HCV 4 instThe HCV 4 can be hidden in a standard 60x60 cm cupboard, f.inst. in the utility room or in the kitchen. All ducts are connected to the top of the unit.. 

The HCV 5 model is ideal for installation side-by-side with standard 60x60 cm cupboard modules. If desired, the unit can be hidden behind a cupboard door, by using a special wall mounting, available as an accessory.

On the HCV 5 model all duct connections are at the top of the unit. 

All vertical models come with a built-in control panel as standard. A wireless remote control is available as an extra accessory. 

Control panel Wireless remote control
Control panel      Remote control

Heat recovery ventilation units HCH 5 and HCH 8, horizontal models designed for installation in the loft area:

The horizontal models HCH 5 and HCH 8 are designed for installation in the loft area or on the floor in a utility room. The HCH 5 and HCH 8 have duct connections at the end and service access at the front. Electrical connection is at the end of the unit facing the fresh air - right hand - side. The ducts connected to the house (supply and extract) are always on the left-hand side of the unit. The condensate drain is located at the rear of the unit.

HCH 5 inst

The HCH horizontal models come with a separate control panel with a long cable, so that the control panel can be placed in an easily accessible place on the ground floor. A wireless remote control is available as an optional extra.

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