How to connect Dantherm MVHR units to a
Building Management System

When mounting a large number of residential ventilation units in a block of flats, it will often be required to connect the ventilation units to a central Building Management System.

This puts specific demands on the control of the residential ventilation unit.

The HAC 1 accessory control of Dantherm's HC residential ventilation units meets most of these demands.

The HAC 1 accessory control offers several possibilities of monitoring and adjusting the settings of the ventilation unit, such as:

  • The HAC 1 accessory control can receive a 0-10V DC signal, which is used to adjust the fan speed to the required level.
  • A filter alarm and a general operation alarm can be sent from the HAC 1 accessory control to a Building Management System (BMS).
  • In some situations a ventilation unit has to be put on standby. In such case a standby signal can be sent from the Building Management System to the HAC 1 control of the ventilation unit.
  • Other signals that can be read on the Building Management System: Signals from fire alarms and hygrostats separately mounted in each flat (not included in the ventilation unit package). The Building Management System sends back a signal to the HAC 1 control to switch off the ventilation units. 

Here is a schematic presentation of the connections between the HAC 1 accessory control and a central Building Management System (The schematic presentation can be downloaded as PDF by clicking on the picture):


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