Heat exchange technology

Cross flow air-to-air heat exchangers and counter flow air-to-air heat exchangers are the core of the Dantherm heat exhanger products.

Heat Exchange - how it works

Heat Exchanger Heat And ColdThe two types of Dantherm heat exchangers differ primarily in the fact that the fluids travel perpendicular to one another through the exchanger (cross flow) or through the exchanger from opposite ends (counter flow). The units extract heat from ambient air, exchanging it with the internal circuit and thus providing cooling of the warm internal air. All Dantherm heat Exchangers can be installed without powering down the site and the emergency mode of the Heat Exchangers 30 and 50 allows these units to run independently during power outage.


When choosing a cooling technology that utilizes ambient air to cool, it is important to understand the concept of delta t (∆t). ∆t = t internal - t ambient. The capacity is stated as e.g. 288 W/K. This means that by a difference in temperature of 1K= 1°C, the cooling capacity is 0,288kW.

Average ambient temperature: 20°C, desired internal temperature: 25°C = ∆t = 5 (25-20).

Cores of aluminium or plastic

Heat Exchanger CabinetThe Dantherm Heat Exchangers feature two types of heat exchanger cores of aluminium and plastic, respectively, specially designed and manufactured by Dantherm. The aluminium plate type heat exchange core is a high-quality core capable of dissipating up to 180W°K (100W/F). The twin sheet plastic core ensures benefits such as reduced weight, low noise and high performance.

Plastic core heat exchangers are commonly criticized for low performance and problems with static electricity. The Dantherm high-performance twin sheet plastic core heat exchangers however, have been designed specifically to overcome these challenges. Special care has been put into obtaining higher and smoother air flow, less pressure drop and low velocity change. Internal air paths are designed of rifle tube formed channels that mix air at the wall with air at the centre, which gives eminent heat transfer. External air paths are designed for optimal heat transfer still allowing larger particles to pass without clogging the circuit. Finally, the plastic core has been given anti-static treatment, to overcome the problem of static electricity causing build-up of contaminated particles.

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