Peltier TEC
Compartment Cooling

Compartment cooling prolongs the service life of electronic equipment with different temperature requirements.

Peltier TEC Cooling - how it works

When a voltage is applied to a thermoelectric device, it creates a temperature difference causing charged carriers in the material to diffuse from the hot to the cold side, thus inducing a thermal current; also known as the Peltier effect.

Peltier TEC Battery CoolingAmong other things, this effect can be used to change the temperature of a given object. In other words, a Peltier device is a thermo electric heat pump: when direct current runs through it, heat or cold is created by the moving electrodes. Therefore, the Peltier device can be used for heating, cooling or as a temperature controller.

The main advantages of a Peltier device are the lack of liquid in the cooling system and minimization of moving parts, as well as its small size and flexible shape ensuring multiple installation options.

Dual Climate ZonesThe Peltier technology is highly suitable for compartment cooling and is often used in combination with passive or free cooling solutions to achieve optimum savings. Compartmentalized cooling of temperature sensitive components allows a higher temperature for the non-temperature sensitive components.

Zone Equipment Typical temperature requirements

Zone 1

 Radio and power equipment

Above ambient temperature
30°C - 55°C

Zone 2
Battery Compartment

Battery and UPS equipment

Below shelter temperature
20°C - 30°C


Dantherm Peltier TEC Compartment CoolingPeltier TEC Battery Air Flow

The Dantherm Peltier Thermo Electric Cooler (Peltier TEC) is based on the Peltier principle and optimized for industrial use in Telecom compartments. This among other things means that the unit is constructed with high-quality components ensuring a significantly longer service life than commercial Peltier devices.

Answering the needs of the Telecom industry, the Dantherm Peltier TEC has a long service life, higher capacity and is more effective than commercial Peltier devices, making the system an optimal solution for e.g. battery compartment cooling.


Dimensions (H x W x D)


400 x 180
x 208 

Weight kg  8
Working temperature  C  -20 to +50
Cooling capacity at 32 C
inside and 32 C ambient dry air
W  200
Power consumption mode
at 32 C inside and 32 C ambient
 W 450 
Noise level at 2 meters
from front 80% fan speed
dB(A)   62
 Input voltage range  VDC  36

Peltier TEC solutions

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