DC Air Conditioning
& DC Split Air Conditioning

Dantherm DC Air Conditioners and DC Split Air Conditioners are engineered to ensure site uptime at remote hybrid sites with unstable power sources.

DC Air Conditioning - how it works 

Air Conditioner Heat And ColdThe internal cabinet air is circulated in a closed loop, drawing warm air from the top of the cabinet and returning cooled air at the bottom. Heat is transferred to the outside by a refrigerant system ensuring closed loop cooling inside the cabinet. This ensures no entrance of dust and/or humidity from the ambient to the enclosure.

Air Conditioner Cabinet

High-quality compressor and fans

The brushless motor incorporated in the Dantherm DC Air Conditioners has permanently magnetized, rotating magnets and a fixed armature eliminating the problems of connecting current to a moving armature. Brushless motors offer several advantages over brushed motors, such as increased efficiency and reliability, reduced noise and longer service life. Combined with a high-quality compressor, the Dantherm DC Air Conditioners have a minimum expected service life of 10 years.

Cost-efficient installation

Depending on the installation type and capacity requirements, Dantherm installs both monoblock and split units. Both types are plug-and-play solutions, which means that the units are programmed from factory and basically just need to be plugged. The monoblock solution is a through-door installation and needs no cooling engineer for installation. The split solution fits most standard split AC air conditioners in size. For replacement installations, the Dantherm DC Split can therefore usually be installed using existing bores.

Field-proven functionality

Dantherm DC Air Conditioners are running in the field all over the world, in all types of regions and challenging climates. They have been rigorously tested and continuously improved to meet the demands of the industry. We are proud to deliver a solution that ensures stable, energy-efficient operation in even the most challenging of setups.

DC Air Conditioner Solutions

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Capacity-controlled DC Air Conditioning

Why is capacity-controlled DC air conditioning so much more energy-efficient than on/off control?

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DC Air Conditioner
  • No power loss in conversion
  • Inverter eliminated
  • Capacity-controlled operation
  • Monoblock and split units
  • Closed loop cooling
  • Very high performance
  • High-quality compressor
  • Energy-efficient fans
  • For off-grid and hybrid sites
  • Ideal for battery cooling
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