Displacement Free Cooling

Displacement Free Cooling is a low-noise, very cost-effective passive cooling method. It is best applied in small rooms with stagnant air and delivers total heat management.

Displacement Free Cooling - how it works

The Dantherm DFC units supply cool outside air to the bottom of the room. This forces the warmer air in the room to move up, creating a floating cushion of cool air at the bottom of the room (up to 1.60m). This is known as displacement cooling. The units operate with a very low air flow and fan speed. Therefore, this cooling method is more energy-efficient than traditional Free Cooling.

Total heat managementDFC installation sketch

The Dantherm Displacement Free Cooling solutions provide the option of total heat management. The controllers connectable to the solutions, Dantherm ACUE 3000 and TKS 3000, are both capable of controlling several external units. Even surveillance and alarms are part of the DFC solutions.


Humidity in relation to any kind of Free Cooling is a frequently asked question. When using Free Cooling, you may apply humid and cold ambient air into an electronic enclosure to cool it down. When the humid ambient air meets the warm air in the enclosure, it is heated and the relative humidity will decrease - leaving no risk for condensation on the electronic equipment.

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