Dual zone battery
compartment cooling

Compartmentalized cooling of batteries and temperature sensitive components allows a higher temperature for the non-temperature sensitive components.

Dual Zone Cooling - how it worksPeltier TEC Battery Cooling

The Dantherm compartment cooling solutions use either the Dantherm DC Air Conditiners or the Dantherm Peltier TEC to control the temperature of a given object. Both the DC Air Conditioning- and the Peltier Technology is highly suitable for compartment cooling and are often used in combination with passive or free cooling solutions to achieve optimum savings.

Peltier TEC Battery Air FlowThe main advantages of a Dantherm Peltier TEC are the lack of liquid in the cooling system and minimization of moving parts, as well as its small size and flexible shape ensuring multiple installation options.

The main advantage of the Dantherm DC Air Conditioners is the energy efficient cooling using a true DC powered solution with no use of inverters.   

Zone Equipment Typical temperature requirements

Zone 1

Radio and power equipment

Above ambient temperature
30 C - 55 C

Zone 2
Battery Compartment

Battery and UPS equipment

Below shelter temperature
20 C - 30 C


Dantherm DC Air Conditioners for Compartment Cooling

Dantherm's true DC Air Conditioners operate without inverters. The Chain of conversions is therefore minimized, hence also the power loss, which leads to continuous savings. By power failure or intermittent power, our DC Air Conditioners can run on battery back-up power to ensure site uptime.  A low voltage disconnect feature prolongs battery life in case of low battery voltage, and our units are therefore highly suitable for Battery Compartment Cooling.

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Dual zone
compartment cooling
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Compartment Cooling

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