Extraction vs. Free Cooling

The technology behind Extraction and Free Cooling solutions are different in complexity, which means that true Free Cooling is capable of generating more savings and keeps a cleaner enclosed environment.

What is the difference between Extraction and Free Cooling?

Basically the systems are both controlled ventilation and consist of the same components - fan, filter and a thermostat or controller. But in practice, we see many differences in how the components are controlled and dimensioned.

In the following table, we describe and compare the two versions of controlled ventilation:

Comparing the two technologies


Free Cooling
(by Dantherm)

Overpressure - making sure only filtered air enters the enclosed environment.    bullet
Underpressure - allowing air to enter through a filter, but also through any leakage in the room construction.  bullet  
Filter at air entrance  bullet  bullet
Overpressure damper    bullet
Energy-optimised software implemented in control of the Free Cooling - see graph below...    bullet

Why overpressure?

Dantherm Free Cooling utilises an overpressure, which means that only filtered air enters the shelter. In case of any cracks or leakages in the room, air will be blown out of this hole - leaving a clean shelter with filtered air.

How important is the control of the system? 

In our experience, the control of the system can be the differentiator between adequate savings and immense savings. The Dantherm-developed controllers combine our know-how of thermodynamics with the practical challenges of our customers. In addition, this knowledge has been fine-tuned in the last 5 generations of our Free Cooling solutions. In the example below, the fans were quite similar in capacity - the control made the difference.  

Is the fan of importance? 

Yes - choice of fan is very important and should be dimensioned according to the cooling demand, how powerful the fan is and practically possible placement at the site to get sufficient air movement.

What is total heat management?

Our experience from years in the global Telecom industry is that sites are often equipped with systems from different cooling and heating vendors - and we have often seen the systems conflicting. Therefore, Dantherm combines existing systems with an intelligent, energy-saving control strategy. Many systems provide total heat management, but efficient total heat management makes the difference. In practice this shows its value in the example below, originating from our cooperation with a customer in South Africa (read full case story):

Africa Case Results

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