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DC Air Conditioner solutions

Read how our customers use DC Air Conditioners in Telecom shelters and cabinets, in off- or on-grid sites, as stand alone and as a part of a dual climate zone solution with battery cooling compartments. Happy reading...


Split Air Conditioning:
Going all DC at
off-grid BTS site

Dantherm DC air conditioner 3500 test installation performance

A Telecom operator installed a DC Split Air Conditioner to test the energy consumption
The test has been running for 7 months and the performance data are thus far showing an energy use for cooling below 10 kWh/day for more than 50% of the ongoing trial period.

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The use of dual-zone
cooling to maximize
free cooling usage

Dantherm presentation dual-zone case

Top marks at Telecoms Energy Efficiency Forum 2016
See the presentation published by Dantherm at TEEF 2016, which received top marks by the judging panel.

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White paper:
vs. on/off control

Dantherm test capacity control versus on off control results

Comparative study under identical conditions
See the impressive differences in power consumption and download the full white paper for details.

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7 Benefits to True
DC Air Conditioning

Dantherm 7 benefits to true DC Air Conditioning

Dantherm DC Air Conditioners use true 48VDC compressors and fans.
This makes a huge difference in performance, energy efficiency and operating costs...

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Boost your earnings
without replacing
cooling equipment

Remote Telecom hybrid site DC cooling

In many cases, combining existing cooling solutions with DC Air Conditioning is all it takes
Go through the profit checklist to find out if your site will benefit from adding DC Air Conditioning...

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Put a stop to
high running costs

Put a stop to high running costs Telecom DC Air Conditioning

From air conditioning to dual-zone cooling with 3-year ROI
A Telecom operator created continuous savings with ROI in maximum 3 years - by adding to an existing air conditioning solution.

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Achieve Energy Savings
in Off-Grid
Battery Banks

Remote site, case box.jpg

Transform your cooling strategy with DC dual zone technology
A mobile operator reduced its energy consumption and increased efficiency when they converted from Air Conditioning to DC Dual Zone technology...

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How to save money
with Dual-Zone Cooling

Dual Climate Zone 230_260

Dual-Zone climate control strategy results in 70% energy savings.
Telecom operator concerned with rising energy consumption and operational costs investigates energy-efficient cooling...

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