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Heat Exchanger for Cabinets

We are proud to share our customers' experiences related to Heat Exchange solutions for Telecom cabinets, TETRA network cabinets and cabinets with other electronic equipment. Enjoy reading...


Improve your
existing cooling

Remote Telecom hybrid site DC cooling

4 combinations that will boost your earnings
Go through the profit checklist to find out if your site will benefit from adding DC Air Conditioning...

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Outdoor cabinets:
From money pits
to moneymakers

Outdoor cabinets increase earnings with Dantherm

Improved earnings with energy savings counselling
Frequent break-downs and continuous replacement of air conditioners made a Telecom operator consider a new supplier...

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Integrated Cabinet
Solution for
Tetra Network

Dantherm integrated cabinet solutions tetra network

Peak load problems caused existing GSM network to fail.
When implementing a new system, reliability and uptime were the main focus...

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How to save money
with Dual-Zone Cooling

Dual Climate Zone 230_260

Dual-Zone climate control strategy results in 70% energy savings.
Telecom operator concerned with rising energy consumption and operational costs investigates energy-efficient cooling...

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