network sites built with
Dantherm Free Cooling

The entire Swedish 3G network is based on Dantherm Free Cooling. Now the solution has also been implemented at 11 RNC core network sites, to generate significant savings and minimise the power supply of the Telecom base station.

Running cost reductions on coolingSweden 2_230px

3G Infrastructure Services AB builds and runs infrastructure that enables the owners, Telenor Sweden and 3, to offer their customers mobile Telecom and services using the 3G/4G mobile Telecom technology. 3GIS used free cooling solutions from Dantherm AB to build the most cost-effective 3G network in the world. By using free cooling rather than active cooling on 11 RNC core network sites, the general reduction in energy consumption for the large RNC sites came to 25,000 kWh/year compared with the originally installed cooling solution.

Low installation costs and high reliability

Shortly after project initiation, focus was extended to include minimising the installation costs, which also spoke for choosing a Dantherm solution: The Double Cube and the Flexibox free cooling solution.

With low power consumption, emergency cooling in case of AC-mains failure, built-in alarms and factory-installed cabling, installation time was minimised and the realiability of site uptime was secured.

Fast and reliable rolloutSweden 1_230px

Dantherm was turn-key entrepreneur on the project and thus took full control of everything down to supervising suppliers.

Because of the extreme importance of delivering constant network access, 3GIS finds performance of the utmost importance. Dantherm AB was tested continuously and scored 100 % on delivery performance during the entire project.