How to successfully
apply free cooling
in the desert

Etisalat, leading Telecom operator in the Middle East, wanted to reduce energy consumption on cooling without compromising on performance and safety. Learn how this test of Dantherm Free Cooling and AirMaze (pat.pend.) air inlet protection made the Etisalat professionals pinch themselves to believe the results.

Customer statements

>>After 12 months of trial, we can confirm that the total average energy savings for the site are 49%. This is much higher than expected and we were surprised to see savings even during the hottest months of the year. With these results, we will have ROI in less than 2 years. We strongly recommend this solution and plan to use Dantherm Free Cooling for our sites in the region<<

- Salem Al Mannaei,
VP/Infrastructure Management at Etisalat Group.


>>The shelter survived a major sandstorm recently. Not even fine dust entered, because of the Dantherm air inlet protection. We use Dantherm free cooling because of the energy savings and security of operation. Also, Dantherm is always on the look-out to develop something better. We like their innovative attitude and they offer reliable technology<<

- Khalid Abdel Gadir Ginawi,
Engineer at Etisalat Facility Management


Documented average kWh savings on cooling of 49%

Dantherm free cooling performance graph full year savings in DubaiDantherm free cooling in the desert huge confirmed savings

Free Cooling in the desert - why even try?

Applying ambient air cooling in a climate with extremely hot temperatures and a constantly high level of sand in the air, well it sounds both ridiculous and cost-intensive. Why even try?

Because free cooling is the most energy-efficient cooling method and the highest savings generator within electronics cooling.

That is why Dantherm has developed this electronics cooling solution, which utilizes the advantages of free cooling and protects the shelter from sand intrusion at the same time: Dantherm Flexibox Free Cooling with AirMaze (pat.pend.) air inlet protection.

Flexibox Free Cooling

Free Cooling is the most energy-efficient electronics cooling method in the market.

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