Ingress proofing shelters
in extreme conditions

Two different cases of extreme climate - one type of air path protection. The AirMaze(pat.pend.) for free cooling prevents wind-driven sand, rain, snow, leaves and nest-building animals from clogging the filter, even in the most extreme regions of the world.

Customer case in Greenland: 
wind-driven snow and rain

Tele Greenland, Cape Farewell
Solution: Dantherm Flexibox Free Cooling, Dantherm AirMaze Panel (pat.pend.)

Dantherm AirMaze (pat.pend.) mounted on wall in Greenland.Dantherm AirMaze comes in two versions, the AirMaze Panel and AirMaze Cube. For this site, AirMaze Panel was used for both air intake and outlet. Coarse-grained sand is trapped in the AirMaze and fine-grained sand will be caught in the filter. "We chose to add the AirMaze to protect our installation from rain and snow. It has the added advantage that we don’t need to change the filter as often as we used to. Service and maintenance is both time consuming and expensive out here”, says Bo Christensen, project manager at TELE Greenland.

Built to perform from A to Z

Dantherm Flexibox with helicopter to site in Greenland.Cape Farewell belongs to one of the most extreme points of Greenland. The electronics cooling units thus conducted a two-day journey by Airbus, Dash 8 and helicopter to reach the remote site location. “Our cooling equipment is often installed at remote locations with extreme temperatures and dramatic weather. We therefore need to deliver solutions that perform in every relevant aspect. This includes withstanding the many shifts and alternative means of transportation that are often required", says Randi Sandfeld, Climate Consultant at Dantherm Group.

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Dantherm AirMaze Panel and AirMaze Cube (both pat.pend.) with Flexibox Free Cooling.Customer case in Dubai: 
wind-driven sand

Customer: Etisalat Group, Dubai
Solution: Existing air conditioning, Dantherm Flexibox Free Cooling, Dantherm AirMaze Panel/Cube(pat.pend.)

Dantherm AirMaze comes in two versions, the AirMaze Panel and AirMaze Cube, both part of the cooling setup at this test site. The two versions are installed at the air intake and outlet. Coarse-grained sand is trapped in the AirMaze and fine-grained sand will be caught in the filter.

Put to the ultimate stress test
On 2 April 2015, a major sandstorm hit the test site, creating a critical test in terms of proving the functionality of the AirMaze. The picture on the right was taken in the morning on April 2nd as the storm hit the streets of Dubai. This severe sandstorm lastet for just over two days.

>>The shelter survived the sandstorm very well. The shelter inside was kept clean - not even fine dust entered<<, says Mr Khalid Ginawi, Engineer at Etisalat Group.

Sandstor Dubai Dantherm test site mobile network safe from sand intrusionPsst...confirmed total annual savings of 49%
Some say it sounds both ridiculous and expensive to apply ambient air cooling in a climate with extremely hot temperatures and a constantly high level of sand in the air. But all you need to generate savings is ambient temperatures that sometimes fall below the needed internal site temperature. Any time this happens, the energy-intensive active cooling is deactivated and energy-efficient passive cooling takes over.

>>After 12 months of trial, the confirmed total average energy savings for the site are 49%. This is much higher than expected and we were
surprised to see savings even during the hottest months of the year. With these results, we will have ROI in less than 2 years. We strongly recommend this solution and plan to use Dantherm Free Cooling for our sites in the region<<, says Mr Salem Al Mannaei, VP/Infrastructure Management at Etisalat Group. 

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