DC split air conditioning:
Going all DC at
off-grid BTS site

A Telecom operator installed a DC split air conditioner to test the energy consumption. The test has been running for 7 months and the performance data is showing an energy use for cooling below 10 kWh/day for more than 50% of the ongoing trial period.

Dc split air conditioning trial dantherm italyThe sites were located off-grid and cooled by AC split air conditioners powered by battery banks/AC diesel generators. An existing test site was running a long-term savings test with a DC diesel generator. 

The Dantherm consultant proposed to replace the energy-intensive AC split air conditioners with DC split air conditioners. This would create an all-DC setup: avoid the high inrush current, increase battery backup time and eliminate the need for the very large AC-DC inverter previously needed.

DC Split Air Conditioning: energy-efficient, reliable off-grid cooling

  • No power loss in conversion: Purely DC-powered – no need for an inverter
  • Stable operation in case of power outage: Built to run on battery backup
  • Low power consumption: Capacity-controlled operation
  • Increased safety: Closed loop cooling
  • Minimum maintenance: High-quality compressor and fans
  • Long service life: +10 years
  • Cost-efficient installation: The Dantherm DC split unit matches most standard split AC air conditioners in size. Therefore, the existing AC split air conditioners could simply be removed and replaced by the new units using existing bores.

Energy use below 10 kWh per day
Evident from the performance data below, the power consumption of the DC Split Air Conditioner is very low compared to that of conventional AC split air conditioners – even during the hottest months of the year for this region.

      Most interesting however, is the power consumption during the cooler months. From March-June for instance, the power consumption is
      below 10 kWh/day, which makes a significant difference in creating very high energy savings on an annual basis.


DC split air conditioning by Dantherm trial performance data

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DC Air Conditioner
  • No power loss in conversion
  • Inverter eliminated
  • Capacity-controlled operation
  • Monoblock and split units
  • Closed loop cooling
  • Very high performance
  • High-quality compressor
  • Energy-efficient fans
  • For off-grid and hybrid sites
  • Ideal for battery cooling
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