AirMaze air inlet protection for harsh environments - by Dantherm

TELE Greenland:
going the distance
to stay connected

Extensive geographical coverage and extreme climate conditions. These are the parameters, when TELE Greenland A/S provides the Greenlandic people and businesses with radio, TV, telephone connections, broadband internet, satellite, hosting and MPLS services. Join our electronics cooling units on the journey to Cape Farewell, where the GSM/LTE engine behind the strong network must withstand snow, rain and never-ending sunlight to keep Greenland connected.

Site management at the ends of the world

Like other GSM/LTE sites around the world, the challenges of TELE Greenland locations consist of efficient heat removal to protect the enclosed equipment and ensure site uptime. This is a specific challenge during the summer months, when the midnight sun creates days with no beginning, nor an end.

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Combined with the desolate locations and treacherous climatic conditions, the scenario is nothing short of impressive.
In terms of electronics cooling, TELE Greenland chose a Dantherm Free Cooling solution combined with an AirMaze
pat.pend.  air inlet protection, designed to discharge e.g. wind-driven rain and snow, before the air reaches the filter.

Reliable cooling - reduced carbon footprint

The solutions allow us to take advantage of the extremely cold temperatures, so that cooling of our equipment happens naturally and energy-efficient. This is important to us for two reasons: We need to deliver reliable services at competitive costs and we need to stay responsible in terms of reducing our carbon footprintOur location gives us front-row seats to the results of global warming, you know. We chose to add the AirMaze to protect our installation from rain and snow. It has the added advantage that we don’t need to change the filter as often as we used to. Service and maintenance is both time consuming and expensive out here”, says Bo Christensen, project manager at TELE Greenland.

Durability and performance from A-Z

Cape Farewell belongs to one of the most extreme points of Greenland, situated by the rugged southern coast and surrounded by sea ice. The electronics cooling units thus conducted a two-day journey by Airbus, Dash 8 and helicopter to reach the remote site location.

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Our cooling equipment is often installed at remote locations with extreme temperatures and dramatic weather. We therefore need to deliver solutions that perform in every relevant aspect. This includes withstanding the many shifts and alternative means of transport that are often required. We are excited about installing our AirMaze at this location, because it proves the strength of this invention. In addition to discharging rain and snow in Greenland, the AirMaze is also deployed in Jordan, where it discharges sand instead”, says Randi Sandfeld, Climate Consultant at Dantherm.

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TELE Greenland provides services in scales ranging from broadband connections in small, remote villages to MPLS services for national and international Greenlandic businesses – all with an average uptime in 2013 of 99.6%. According to Bo Christensen, the Dantherm solutions have performed as promised and he happily recommends the electronics cooling supplier to others.

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Accessory facts:

For indoor and outdoor Free Cooling units
Protection from: water, sand, snow and leaves
Large air intake area
Prolonged filter service life
Optional bug screen