Combo cooling

  • Dantherm Combo Cooling 6000/900 - hybrid cooling 6kw Combo Cooling 6000/900

For Telecom shelters and enclosures.

The Dantherm Combo Cooling solution combines free cooling and air conditioning to provide the most energy-efficient cooling and generate huge savings. The solution is designed to save energy in normal running mode and has the advantage of back-up air conditioning in very warm climates.

Total heat management for extreme environments

The Dantherm Combo Cooling units are total heat management systems. They are designed to protect the cabinet, shelter or enclosure from the intrusion of dust and water. This makes the systems perfect for even the most extreme environments and all geographical markets.

High-capacity hybrid cooling

The Dantherm Combo Cooling units mark the beginning of a new generation of hybrid cooling solutions. The units re-think the basics of combo cooling by focusing on high-volume free cooling. The Combos feature a Dantherm-developed air inlet protection feature, the AirMazePat. Pend., which discharges water, sand, leaves and snow before they reach the filter.

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Combo Cooling
High-capacity Free Cooling in combination with Air Conditioner in Telecom Shelter Play
Combo Cooling

Total heat management
Operational modes:
Free Cooling
Air Conditioning
Emergency cooling
Humidity Detection

Electronics Cooling
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  • Radio base stations
  • Telecom shelters
  • Electronics enclosures
  • Power supply rooms
  • Network & computer rooms
  • Drive stations
Features and Benefits

Dantherm Combo Cooling

  • Energy-efficient cooling systems
  • Total heat management with free cooling, active cooling and heating
  • Easy installation in indoor and outdoor shelters and enclosures
  • Protection against dust, water, sand, leaves and snow
  • Emergency cooling mode in case of power outage
  • Digital controller for full thermal management and surveillance and changeable settings
  • Dantherm Combo Cooling 6000/900 motorized damper for air mix of Free Cooling The motorized damper is ensuring the right amount of ambient air into the Telecom site when running Free Cooling. It is a part of the advanced control strategy to ensure the right temperature in the shelter using minimum energy.
  • Combo Cooling 6000/900 easy service access - by Dantherm The Combo Cooling solution is optimized for ease of maintenance and service with side panel access to refrigeration system.
  • Dantherm Combo Cooling 6000/900 service acces Access to the refrigeration system of the Combo Cooling unit is easy, through the side panel.
  • Easy service acces to wiring in Dantherm's Combo Cooling 6000/900 for Telecom shelter cooling. The access to service of wiring and electric components is made easy through the side panel of the Combo Cooling 6000/900.
  • Display for Dantherm's Combo Cooling solution for Telecom sites The Display show running status of the Combo Cooling 6000/900 and makes it easy to see running and alarm status as well as changing operating parameters.
  • Dantherm motorized air outlet damper for heat managment in Telecom Sites. The motorized air outlet damper is used in some large sites or sites with difficult air paths. It improves Free Cooling efficiency and temperature distribution in the site.
Free cooling Free cooling Applies outside air to cool. Most energy-efficient cooling method. bullet
Air conditioning Air conditioning Built-in air conditioner ensures that the maximum temperature threshold of the customer is not exceeded. bullet
Heating Heating An external heater can be connected and controlled by the Dantherm CC4 controller. This ensures that the desired temperature is maintained in challenging environments. bullet
Emergency cooling by exceeded max-temperature Exceeded maximum temperature If the internal shelter temperature is above max, the unit assumes a malfunction and initiates maximum free cooling. bullet
Emergency cooling by AC-mains failure AC-mains failure In case of AC mains failure, the unit assumes a malfunction and initates maximum free cooling. bullet
Air mix Temperature regulation In case of cold ambient conditions, full free cooling can be to much. Therefore, the unit regulates the damper air opening gradually in order to maintain the set point temperature. bullet
Dantherm Controller Features 6000/900 
Dantherm Remote Climate Control Remote monitoring and surveillance Ensures total climate control, remote monitoring and change of cooling status and settings. bullet
Dantherm CC4 bullet
Flexible parameter settings Flexible settings Most parameters in the controller are adaptable. bullet
Capable of controlling several external units Control of external units No need to apply additional intelligent controllers. ; 2 air conditioners, 1 heater, 1 external damper, 1 external Flexibox. bullet
Digital filter status detector Digital detector Improves prediction of filter change. bullet
Easy data logging Easy data logging Logging of all data on SD Card. bullet
Built-in SD card reader Built-in card reader Enables data logging and easy transfer of user-specific control strategy. bullet
Modbus/RTU-RS485 communication bullet
Optional TCP/iP network communication TCP/iP network communication Via Dantherms Remote Climate control. bullet
Built-in phasemonitor Built-in phase monitor During installation, this prevents that the compressor runs in the opposite direction resulting in no cooling. bullet
General features 6000/900 
Outdoor unit Outdoor unit No space needed inside shelter. bullet
Plug-and-Play Plug-and-Play Cooling technician not needed. bullet
Monoblock Monoblock Easy installation. bullet
Built-in Flexibox Built-in free cooling High free cooling capacity. bullet
Built-in damper Damper For free cooling and temperature compensation. bullet
High-quality components High-quality components Long service life and longer maintenance intervals. bullet
Large area changeable G4 filter Changeable G4 filter Longer intervals between filter change. 1 m2 (F5 and F7 filter optional)  bullet
Easy adaption Title Easy filter change. Highly adaptable to individual pollution ratios. of filter type bullet 
Insulation between filter and filter frame bullet
Simple installation Title Frame ensures easy installation even at legacy sites or for replacement. by means of standard installation frame bullet
RAL paint Title Long-lasting colours: RAL 7015 (dark grey) and RAL 7035 (light grey). and high-quality metal sheet parts bullet
Advanced controller and controlling features Title Optimises energy savings and connection options to other units. bullet
Built-in bug screen Title In accordance with GR487. Protection against large bugs such as bees and other nest building insects. bullet
Air inlet AirMaze Title Dantherm-invented air inlet section protecting the unit from sand, water, snow and leaves. bullet
Ambient temperature operating range from -40°C to 55°C bullet
CE approved  bullet
Door lock and burglar proof design  bullet
Construction and design 6000/900 
Filter alarm bullet
Optional humidity detector  bullet
Mono-block, closed loop cooling system, 100% tested from factory. bullet
Refrigerant R410a. bullet
Runs on both 50 and 60 Hz. bullet 
Dantherm Combo Cooling Capacities 6000/900
Voltage AC or DC AC and DC
Voltage in VAC / VDC 1x230/48
Frequency in Hz


Free Cooling capacity in kW at Δt = 10°C 9000
Free Cooling capacity in W/K at Δt = 1°C 900
Air Conditioner capacity in W
at internal 27°C and ambient 35°C
Weight in kg -
Service manual
Product Data Sheets Datasheet Remote Climate Control RCC