Free Cooling

  • Dantherm Flexibox Free Cooling 810 Flexibox 810, outdoor
  • Flexibox 810 indoor Dantherm Flexibox 810, indoor
  • Dantherm Flexibox Free Cooling 900 with CC3000 Flexibox 900, outdoor
  • Dantherm Flexibox Free Cooling 900, indoor, with CC3000 Flexibox 900, indoor

For Telecom shelters, enclosures and rooms.

Free Cooling is cost-effective controlled ventilation: the Telecom shelter or enclosure is cooled by means of ambient air without a compressor. Dantherm's Free Air Cooling unit, the Flexibox, provides total heat management and significant energy savings on cooling in Telecom sites hosting GSM, UMTS or LTE networks.

Flexible, quality-minded cooling solutions

Dantherm offers multiple Flexibox solutions of different capacities, input voltage options and controller versions. The 6th generation features the Dantherm CC3000 controller with included dual-zone cooling, night mode and browser-based remote control.

Combine with existing solutions to save energy

The Flexibox as the sole cooling solution is adequate for cooling Telecom base stations in most climate conditions. In warm climates and in climates with high temperature peaks, a combination of free cooling and an air conditioner is a good choice. The combination prolongs the service life of your existing air conditioner and generates significant energy savings, when the free cooling is active.

Free cooling with extended air path protection

All of the Dantherm Free Cooling products operate with a slight overpressure. This ensures that only fine-filtered air enters the enclosed environment. For extreme weather conditions, Dantherm offers extended air path protection: the Dantherm AirMaze (pat.pend.). The AirMaze discharges sand, rain, snow and leaves before they reach the filter for maximum protection.

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  • Radio base stations
  • Telecom shelters
  • Electronics enclosures
  • Power supply rooms
  • Network & computer rooms
  • Drive stations
  • Automation control cabinets
  • Hybrid Telecom Sites
  • DC Powered Sites
Features and Benefits

Dantherm Flexibox Free Cooling 810 and 900

  • Extremely energy-efficient: savings in all types of climates
  • Total heat management: control of multiple external units
  • Stable operation: stepless fan speed control
  • Clean internal environment: overpressure system
  • Extended air path protection: Dantherm AirMaze
  • Flexible installation: both indoor and outdoor
  • Low maintenance costs: washable compact filter
  • Maximum security: remote monitoring and configuration
  • Dantherm Flexibox Free Cooling collection Flexibox Free Cooling collection
  • CC4 Controller for Danthem Flexibox 810 The built-in CC4 controller for Dantherm Flexibox 810 is powered by 48V DC. The CC4 Controller is a total heat management controller for energy optimized cooling.
  • Flexibox 810 and 900 with washable filter for free air cooling The washable G4 compact filter for all Flexibox types is easily maintained and changed by means of the sliding and tightening filter bracket.
  • Display for Dantherm Controllers in the CC family Wall display for Dantherm's controllers in the CC family: CC4. The display shows in clear symbols status and possible alarms. Settings can be changed directly from the display.
  • Dantherm Flexibox 900 indoor model in transportation box Dantherm Flexibox 900 indoor model ready for transportation
  • Square Motorized damper for Flexibox free cooling air outlet The square, motorized damper is used to control the air streams in a room or shelter when utilizing free air cooling.
  • Motorized damper for Flexibox free air cooling outlet The motorized damper for Flexibox air outlet ensures control of airstreams in when utilizing free air cooling.
  • Free cooling for Telecom - Flexibox by Dantherm Free Cooling - Dantherm Flexibox for free cooling - detail of filter guard and fan.
  • Free Air Cooling - F5 air cleaning filter for Flexibox by Dantherm  Free cooling - Flexibox detail of easily serviced and large panel F5 filter.
  • Dantherm CC3000 controller for Flexibox Free Cooling Dantherm CC3000 controller for Flexibox 900.
Dantherm Flexibox 810 900 900
Voltage AC or DC DC DC AC
Voltage 48 48 230
Max capacity in kW
at Δt = 10°C
7.8 8.1 8.6
Max air flow m³/h 2,333 2,450 2,590
Weight in kg 25.5 25 25
Cooling modes - Dantherm Flexibox 810 900
Automated change of cooling mode Energy-optimised cooling algorithm Dantherm free cooling units are total heat management systems. They control multiple external units (such as air conditioners, heaters and dampers) and change automatically between cooling modes. bullet bullet
Free Cooling Significant savings Free cooling systems use ambient air to achieve the internal temperature set point. This technique is applicable in all types of climates, since the ambient temperatures often drop below set point during the day, at night time or during the cooler months of the year. bullet bullet
Emergency cooling in case of overheating Redundant cooling for safety Should the indoor temperature rise above set point, the Flexibox control system assumes malfunction of the air conditioner and initiates maximum cooling to ensure site uptime. bullet bullet
Emergency cooling in case of AC mains failure Emergency cooling to ensure site uptime In the event of AC mains fall-out, free cooling is initiated to maintain sufficient cooling and ensure site uptime. Power is drawn from batteries. bullet bullet
Night mode   bullet 
Installation - Dantherm Flexibox 810 900
Outdoor installation bullet bullet
Indoor installation bullet bullet 
Door installation  bullet bullet 
Power supply - Dantherm Flexibox 810 900
230V AC - 50/60 Hz   bullet 
48V DC bullet bullet
Controller type - Dantherm Flexibox 810 900
Dantherm CC3000 controller for 48 V DC and 230 V DC   bullet 
Dantherm CC4 controller for 48 V DC bullet  
Controller features - Dantherm Flexibox 810 900
WebGUI online management system Remote access via standard browser WebGUI allows for remote monitoring and settings configuration via any standard browser. This means that all you can access current site status and change settings on any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone connected to the internet.   bullet 
Dual-zone cooling (optional) (bullet)  bullet
SD card reader for settings change and data logging bullet bullet
Display on controller    bullet
Optional external controller display bullet  
RS 485 cable connection for laptop or remote monitoring for Dantherm Remote Climate Control enables remote monitoring and integration into Customers SNMP systems, on-site installation and maintenance support via Laptop. bullet  


 Dantherm AirMaze





Indoor-mounted Free Cooling units   bullet
Outdoor mounted Free Cooling units bullet  
Protection against wind-driven water, sand, snow and leaves bullet bullet
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Product Data Sheets AirMaze