Free Cooling

  • Dantherm high-capacity free cooling up to 12kw for Telecom shelters Dantherm TKS60
  • Dantherm Free Cooling up to 12kW: high-capacity Free cooling for Telecom shelters Dantherm TKS60
  • High-capacity free cooling by Dantherm for Telecom shelters Dantherm TKS60

for Telecom shelters

TKS60 is high-capacity free air cooling designed to control the internal environment of communication shelters using a minimum of energy.

By means of ventilation in an overpressure system, the TKS60 efficiently removes excess heat from the temperature-sensitive equipment – maintaining the internal temperature within defined limits.

Immense cooling savings - even in very hot climates

The TKS60 extends the air conditioner service life, creates immense power savings and can control existing air conditioner units.

Total heat management and yearlong know-how

The TKS60 can via the built-in Dantherm controller be connected to existing cooing equipment in the site and control offer total heat management in the site. The Dantherm controllers are designed to energy optimize the heat management in the site. The TKS 60 belongs to the 5th generation of Dantherm free cooling units. Yearlong know-how of climate control and energy-efficiency is built in.

Get specific energy savings advise for your network

Dantherm knowhow on telecom site cooling has been built up since 1992 and we are happy to share our energy savings advise with you and make a specific calculation for your network, sign up here energy savings calculations in your network.

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  • Telecom shelters
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Features and Benefits

Dantherm High-capacity Free Cooling TKS60

  • Total heat management: designed for energy-efficiency with maximum use of controlled ventilation
  • Ensure energy-efficient cooling strategy: automatic change between cooling modes
  • Protect your equipment: standard M5 fine bag filter and optional AirMaze(pat.pend.)
  • Avoid unsceduled service visits: plan service with built-in filter monitor
  • Wide geographical usage: ambient temperature operating range from -40 to 55°C
  • Stay in control from your laptop: remote monitoring
  • Dantherm high-capacity free cooling for Telecom shelters Three views of the Danmtherm TKS60 for high-capacity shelter cooling
  • Dantherm TKS60 for high-capacity free cooling for Telecom Dantherm TKS 60, inside details
  • Dantherm high-capacity free cooling Dantherm TKS60, fan
  • Dantherm Free Cooling for cooling needs up to 12kW Dantherm TKS60, controller
  • Dantherm TKS60 for high-capacity free cooling for Telecom Dantherm TKS60, front grid
Dantherm High-capacity Free Cooling TKS60
Automated change of cooling modes Energy-optimised cooling algorithm Dantherm TKS60 are total heat management systems. The climate units are controlled via the Dantherm controller, to maintain the desired temperature the most energy-optimised way. bullet
High-capacity Free Cooling Cooling needs up to 12kW Measured according to ΔT=10°C bullet
Active cooling Active cooling Existing external air conditioner can be connected and controlled to ensure that the maximum temperature threshold is not exceeded. bullet
Heating: control of external heater bullet
Emergency cooling In case of overheating Redundant cooling safety If the indoor temperature rises above set point, the unit assumes malfunction of the Air Conditioner and initiates maximum cooling, to ensure site up-time. NB: DC-powered units only. bullet
Installation TKS60
Indoor and outdoor installation  bullet
Door, floor and ceiling mounting Door, floor and ceiling mounting Highly flexible mounting options bullet
Plug-and-Play bullet
Power supply TKS60
230V AC bullet 
48V DC bullet
Controller type TKS60
Dantherm ACUE 3000 Controller for 48V DC bullet 
Dantherm TKS 3000 Controller for 230V AC bullet
Optional  Remote Climate Control Remote Climate Control Remote surveillance and configuration of operational data. bullet
Controller features TKS60
LCD display directly on the controller bullet 
Able to control a larger number of external units; air conditioners, heater, motorised dampers. bullet
RS 232 cable connection for laptop or remote monitoring ModBus over RS232 communication Enables remote monitoring and on-site installation and maintenance support via Laptop. bullet 
Digital filter status detector bullet
Log of 200 lines of alarms bullet
Stepless and adaptable fan speed control bullet
Fan surveillance of rpm and power consumption bullet
Other features TKS60
Standard M5 filter - optional F7 filter  bullet
Ambient temperature operating range from -40 to +55°C bullet
Insulated cabinet Durability and performance For operation in extreme temperatures. Possible to completely seal the shelter during extremely cold periods. bullet 
Optional AirMaze(pat.pend.) AirMaze(pat.pend.) Optional feature prohibiting water and sand intrusion and securing high IP-rating. bullet 
Dantherm high-capacity free cooling TKS60 230V
(EC fan)

(EC fan)
Voltage AC or DC AC AC DC
Max capacity in kW
at Δt = 10°C
12 12 12
Max air flow m³/h



Weight in kg 51 53 50


Dantherm AirMaze(pat.pend.)

 bullet  Indoor-mounted Free Cooling units

bullet   Protection against wind-driven water, sand, snow and leaves

AirMaze panel in text

Motorized damper

Motorized _damper _for _Flexibox _air _outlet


bullet   Built-in controller 

bullet   Dantherm TKS 3000 

TKS_3000_for _Flexibox


bullet   Built-in controller 

bullet   Dantherm ACUE 3000 

ACUE_3000_for _Flexibox


bullet   Dantherm Remote Climate Control 

RCC product list 200x180px



Service Manual (EN)

Datasheets AirMaze