Peltier TEC
Compartment cooling

  • Peltier TEC for Battery, Telecom and electronics cooling by Dantherm Peltier TEC 200
  • Peltier TEC for battery, Telecom and electronics cooling by Dantherm Peltier TEC 200

For dual-zone and battery compartment cooling.

Dantherm Thermo Electric Cooling products are based on peltier elements. When used as intended in small spaces such as battery compartments. The Peltier TECs enable dual climate zones in a larger cabinet or shelter.

No maintenance

Maintaining low temperatures in the compartment and higher temperatures in the remaining shelter/cabinet leads to substantial energy savings. Utilising thermoelectric cooling technology, Dantherm Peltier TEC units are reliable, cost-effective and require no maintenance.

Combine - and energy optimize your site

The small size and flexible shape of the Peltier TEC ensure multiple installation options. Peltier TECs are often combined with Dantherm passive cooling solutions such as the Flexibox, Direct Air Coolers, Heat Exchangers or Thermosiphons. The Dantherm product range for compartment cooling consists of both Peltier TECs and DC Air Conditioners.

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Dual zone
compartment cooling
Dantherm dual zone battery compartment cooling Play
  • Radio base stations
  • Telecom shelters
  • Electronics enclosures
  • Battery Compartments
  • Telecom Cabinets
Features and Benefits
  • Dantherm Peltier TEC for Battery Compartment Cooling
  • Compact
  • Wide operational temperature range
  • Corrosion-proof materials
  • Industrial quality fans
  • Easy to install - plug and play

Dantherm Peltier TEC


Supply Voltage Nominal VDC 48
Capacity in kW at 32°C inside and 32°C ambient dry air 0.200
Max internal air flow m³/h (free blowing measurement) 317
Weight in kg 8

Dantherm Peltier TEC


Compact heat management system. bullet
Closed loop cooling. Clean internal environment Ingress protection level 55 (IP55). bullet
Maximum heat transfer Optimum heat transfer Ensures maximum heat transfer while keeping the TEC size to a minimum. High quality, low cost. bullet
Anodized sheet metal and heat sink surfaces. Ensure long service life Corrosion and oxidation resistant. Long service life. bullet
External fan with humidity protection. bullet
High-quality fans. bullet
Installation and service 200
Small and compact design. bullet
Minimal maintenance. bullet
Environment 200 
No refrigerant needed. bullet
  • Dantherm Peltier TEC
  • Dantherm Peltier TEC
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