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  • Dantherm Remote Climate Control for Telecom

The Remote Climate Control for Dantherm Flexibox, Combo Cooling, AC and DC Air Conditioner is your access to controlling the internal climate at your network site directly from your laptop or surveillance center.

The Dantherm Remote Climate Control is basically a communication gateway between you and the climate units at your Telecom sites. Use it for the entire network or just select sites!

Your management tool - basis for your network climate strategy

The climate in your sites is vital for site uptime and earnings. Dantherm's Remote Climate Control enables you to collect and analyse data of the climate in your sites and is intended as a management tool to choose the optimal climate strategy for your network.

Real-time surveillance - your security for updated knowledge

The Remote Climate Control provides security of operation, because it is online with your sites and signals in case of operational disturbances. The Dantherm Remote Climate Control enables real-time surveillance of operations and will provide you with alarms in case of unwanted temperature increase or operational irregularities of the climate units.

Alarms via your preferred channels - the best care for your sites

You can choose to be notified of alarms on a central station or on your laptop - via E-mail or SMS-message directly to the technician responsible for the specific site. Notifications can be set up in one way for the entire network or specifically for each site.

Cloud storage - personal online access anywhere

All data is stored online in "The Cloud", which enables you to access your data anytime - anywhere, even during travel. 

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Features and Benefits
  • Total climate surveillance and remote control of your network sites
  • Data logging: easy analysis of your data and diagnostics of trends
  • Create network climate strategies: use the unit as a management tool
  • System alarm alert via text message/E-mail: no surveillance staff costs
  • Remote change of configurations and operation parameters: save time and travelling costs 
  • Keep service visits to a minimum
  • Increase battery life by staying on top of temperatures in your BTS
  • Easy access - even during travel: web based interface
  • Dantherm Remote Climate Control Dantherm-developed controller for remote access to your site: data configuration and change of parameters - all by the click of a button.
  • Control the climate at your sites with Dantherm Remote Climate Control. Control each of your Telecom sites from your laptop with Dantherm Remote Climate Control.
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