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  • mobile air conditioner for tents AC-M16 AC-M16

Plug and play soft wall air-conditioning solution for temporary or transportable buildings and tents.

The AC-M16 Air Conditioner is a transportable unit, developed primarily to provide air conditioning in temporary or transportable buildings or tents. It is a small light weight unit made of aluminum and a rigid steel corner frame. The unit is designed to be placed outside, with supply air and return air ducted to the shelter. 

The function of the AC-M16 is based on a cooling circuit and two powerful fans. The evaporator section contains the evaporator and a radial fan, which draws warm internal air from the shelter, through the cold evaporator and blows out the cooled air through the side of the unit. The condenser section contains one condenser coil and a large axial fan, returning the heat taken from the internal air to the outside atmosphere.

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  • Tents
  • Military camps
  • Relief camps
  • Work camps in oil and gas industry
Features and Benefits
  • The AC-M16 is capable of maintaining the shelter temperature at +20-25°C when the shelter is built accordingly.
  • Designed for optimal utilisation of a standard 20” ISO container (16 pcs.).
  • The AC-M16 is built into a strong metal frame with insulated panels which are powder coated, where relevant.
  • Top finish painting is standard sand colour.
  • Sheet metal parts are protected against corrosion by a minimum 80μm top coat.
  • Designed for air conditioning when the temperature is above 20°C. It can provide cooling at ambient temperatures up to +55°C.
  • Scroll compressor for a high degree of reliability and low noise level.
  • Automatic phase surveillance.
  • Sequential start of units possible.
  • R134a refrigerant.
  • HP/LP pressostat switches ensuring long compressor lifetime.
  • Controlled by a hard wired room thermostat to be placed inside the shelter.
  • Washable steel/alu filter on internal air path.
  • Fresh air intake.
  • Four way fork lift handling.
  • Easy strap down on air cargo pallets and stackable (two units on top of each other).
  • Insulated flexible ducts Ø315 mm for exhaust and return air openings. (Accessory)
  • Low voltage control circuit.
  • CE-marked.
  • ErP 2015 compliant.
air conditioner AC-m16
NATO Stock Number without heat 4120-22-629-3848
Operating range, cooling 20-55°C
Airflow, internal, with ducts 2200 m3/h
Nominal Cooling capacity Note Performance varies with varying conditions 15,0 kW 
Power supply 3x400 V / 50 Hz
Max. running current (cooling) 13 A
Locked rotor amperage (LRA) 73 A
Power consumption, cooling (tested) 7700 W (variable)
Power consumption, heating (tested) 8800 W
Refrigerant / quantity Note GWP 1430 (hermetically sealed) R134a / 4,1 kg
Filter material, EN 779 G3
Protection class IP X5
Flex. air duct connection 1x315 Ø mm
Noise level, aircon 3 m distance, measured in shelter 59 dB(A)
Weight  220 kg


  • Mobile air conditioner AC-M16 AC-M16 all-inclusive air conditioner
  • Insulated duct Ø315mm
  • Uninsulated ducts Ø315mm (flexible duct and air distribution duct)
  • Storage bags for uninsulated ducts
  • Cover for the unit
  • Ground rod
  • Wheels and wheel bracket (which can also hold the room thermostat during transportation)

This picture shows the AC-M16 with all accessories mounted, ready for transport:

Service manual