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Dehumidification in

Dantherm CDP 125 dehumidifier in Randers Brewery

Beer production generates high amounts of steam and humidity
If not removed, the humidity results in mold growth. A dehumidifier from Dantherm was the ideal solution for Randers Brewery.

Dehumidification in Brewery

Dehumidification in
pool houses


Holiday homes with spa and pool require efficient dehumidification
In holiday homes used for rental everything has to be simple and functional. Therefore the construction firm has chosen Dantherm CDP pool dehumidifiers.

Dehumidification in Pool House

Water damage repair

Water damage repair

Water damage repair in flooded house
Skadeservice Danmark is one of the largest and most prominent players on the Danish damage control market. For water damage repair they use Dantherm mobile CDT dehumidifiers

Water damage repair

Dehumidification in
therapy pools


Training in hot water is good for people with
rheumatic problems

However, if the pool dehumidifier is inadequate and old it is bad for the economy, the buildings and the therapists, who are in charge of the training

Dehumidification in Therapy Pool