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The Danish construction firm Skanlux Huse builds big luxury holiday homes, which are normally used for holiday home rental. In such houses everything has to be simple and functional and therefore the construction firm has chosen Dantherm pool dehumidifiers for their houses.

Poolhouse_1Skanlux Huse is located in Nykøbing Falster in Denmark and they build luxury holiday homes all over Denmark. The houses are up to 300 m² in area and they are very well thought out and designed in a way to be perfect for renting. Most of them are equipped with spa and indoor pool and this requires efficient dehumidification. 

"We have chosen CDP 65 pool dehumidifiers from Dantherm, because it is a simple to use, efficient and high-capacity pool dehumidifier," tells Gerhard Bredo Simonsen, Skanlux Huse. "It is fully automatic and it provides a perfect and comfortable indoor climate even if there are big windows and evaporation from both the spa and the pool."  

Poolhouse_3According to Gerhard Bredo Simonsen it is very important that the pool dehumidifier is fully automatic, otherwise the guests would fiddle the settings without knowing anything about it. "But in principle all the technique must be enclosed, otherwise people mess about the settings." Gerhard Bredo Simonsen remarks. "But in general we do not have any problems whatsoever with our dehumidification solutions from Dantherm." 

Poolhouse_4Skanlux Huse has bought a large number of CDP pool dehumidifiers from Dantherm so Gerhard Bredo Simonsen speaks from experience.

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