Water damage repair
with CDT dehumidifier

According to recent statistics from the The Danish Insurance Association (DIA), heavy cloudbursts during the summer cost about 600 mio in insurance compensation recompense for damage. Skadeservice Danmark has never before had so many emergency call-outs weaponed with Dantherm mobile CDT dehumidifiers. But it was not cloudbursts all of it.

Dantherm has supplied dehumidifiers to Skadeservice Danmark for more than 10 years. But never before the demand for their mobile CDT refrigerant dehumidifiers and AD-B desiccant adsorption dehumidifiers has been as huge as this summer. In the period from 1st June to 15th September Skadeservice Danmark was called out again and again to flooded basements, summer cottages, companies and public buildings. It seemed to be a never ending story.

Most of Skadeservice Danmarks customers are insurance companies - both national and international - accounting for about 99% of their turnover. 

water damage repair_3Skadeservice Danmark was founded in 1989 and is today one of the largest and most prominent players on the Danish damage control market. They have 15 branches, approx. 260 employees and a large fleet of vehicles. Normally they are called out approx. 25000 times per year to save property after fire and water damage. However, this figure is likely to increase this year, where the trade association DIA estimates that floodings have caused damage on buildings and assets at a value of more than 600 mio DKK alone in the period from 1st June to 15th September, which is 140 mio DKK more than in the same period last year.

Popping up floors
water damage repair_2Floodings caused by cloudbursts are normally easily discovered. But Skadeservice Danmark also restore water damages which are not so easily seen - as for instance the water damage that occurred with a house owner in Hadsten earlier this year.

The house owner returned from his holidays. His site was not hit by flooding he happily recognised on his return, but when he went into his sitting room, he wondered why his floor popped up and buckled all over. He called Skadeservice Danmark to identify the reason.

First aid is quick aid
Immediate action is crucial in case of water damage. Therefore Skadeservice asked their callout service to go to the site immediately to find out where the water came from and to stop further water getting into the house. Then he starts to
remove the water in order to prevent further damage and finally dehumidification by means of a CDT dehumidifier is commenced as quickly as possible.

The normal procedure is that experts from Skadeservice Danmark and perhaps a claimssettling agent estimate the extent of the damage on property and building. Furniture and house contents are then packed away and stored at Skadeservice Danmark's store house.

3 months extra "holiday"
In the case described above the flooding was caused by burst pipes in the utility room and in the living room. Therefore all flooring had to be removed in order to replace the pipe installation. Two mobile dehumidifiers type CDT 30 S had to be installed to get enough dehumidification capacity. "In the living room only the wooden flooring had to be removed allowing the concrete to be dried out", says Bent Sønderberg, Skadeservice Danmark in Hinnerup. "We decided to spread out a barrier layer and dry out the area underneath it. In this way we managed to reduce the water vapour volume. And especially the CDT 35 S proved its efficiency,
when used in this way.

water damage repair_1Drying out took almost four weeks, and only after four weeks we were able to reestablish the wood flooring etc. The entire restoration work took almost three months and only then the homeowner could move back into his house again after an involontary long extra holiday - to a home that was restored back to its pre-loss condition - thanks to Skadeservice Danmark and two efficient Dantherm mobile dehumidifiers.

Picture at left: Bent Sønderberg from Skadeservice Danmark's call-out service
Picture at right: Iver R. Tarp, managing director of Skadeservice Danmark. 

Facts about the CDT mobile dehumidifiers:
The CDT dehumidifiers work in accordance with  the condensation principle. A fan draws in humid  air and carries it through an evaporator. The air  is cooled well below its dew point. The water  condenses on the cold surface of the evaporator  and drips into a water container or is led directly  to a drain. The CDT-S models are equipped with  a heating element that speeds up the drying process.

water damage repair_4

The CDT dehumidifiers are ideal for damage control and building drying. They are fitted with adjustable handles and big rubber wheels and are therefore easily moved from one room to the next.

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