Fixed dehumidifiers
CDF 10

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  • Dantherm dehumidification CDF 10, white
  • Dehumidifier from Dantherm CDF 10, w/water tank

Dehumidifiers that protect furnishings and equipment when stored at low temperatures.

The CDF 10 dehumidifier is fully automatic with electronic control and a built-in, adjustable hygrostat. A clear display indicates the dehumidifier's current status of operation. Defrosting is incorporated in the electronic control.

The CDF 10 dehumidifier is operational at temperatures down to 3°C, where the electronic control switches off the dehumidifier. 

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  • The CDF 10 is built into a powder-coated hot-galvanized sheet metal cabinet
  • Evaporator and condenser coils are epoxy-coated for higher corrosion resistance
  • All external parts of the cabinet are powder-coated
  • The CDF 10 is fixed to the wall by means of a wall mounting strip supplied with the unit
  • The condensate outlet is located at the bottom of the CDF 10. The outlet stub can be connected to a 1⁄2” water hose
  • Air intake through a filter that is placed behind the front panel
  • The dehumidified air is blown out through the sides of the CDF 10
  • The CDF 10 can be used with a watertank, capacity 5,5 l (accessory)
Wall-hung dehumidier CDF 10
Operating range - temperature (°C) 3-30   
Operating range - humidity (% RH) 40-100  
Air volume (m3/h) 220
Power supply 1 x 230V/50Hz  
Max. ampere consumption (A) 2,1
Max. power consumption (kW) 0,3
Refrigerant/quantity (kg) R134a/0,19
Sound level @ 1 metre (dB(A)) 46
Weight (kg) 28
Water container capacity 5,5 litres Accessory Water tank for CDF 10 is optional extra
Protection class IPX2
HxWxD (mm) 600x535x240
  • Dehumidifiers from Dantherm Water tank
  • Dantherm water tank for CDF 10 dehumidifiers CDF water tank

Water tank, grey or white

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