Adsorption dehumidifiers

  • Dantherm adsorption dehumidifiers AD 240B

For drying out new or flooded buildings and ensuring dry conditions at low temperatures.

The adsorption dehumidifiers are designed for easy handling and transportation. The sturdy stainless steel cabinets are surprisingly compact and low-weight in proportion to the capacity of the units. A built-in hour meter showing hours of operation is a feature greatly appreciated by rental services.

High-performance operation at low temperatures ensures fast results in emergency situations minimizing long-term damage caused by flooding and corrosion.

The adsorption dehumidifiers are fast and easy to install as they require only one hose to the outside. Countersunk carrying handles make the units easy to stack during transportation and storage.

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  • Building drying
  • Dry storing
  • Hire companies
  • Water damage restoration
  • Waterworks
  • Cabinet manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Compact and low weight
  • Built-in handles for ease of carrying and stacking
  • Built-in hour run meter
  • High capacity at low temperatures and low levels of relative humidity
  • Deep drying at reduced process air flow
  • Available pressure for connection to external ductwork
  • Optional hygrostat and dew point controller as accessories
  • Easy internal access for servicing and maintenance
  • High performance washable silicagel desiccant rotor
adsorption dehumidifiers ad-b 120 ad-b 240 ad-b 290 ad-b 400
Operating range - humidity (% RH) 0-100  
Operating range - temperature (oC) -15 - +35    
Dehumidification capacity @ 20oC/60% RH (l/h) 0,45  0,90  1,10  1,40
Nom. air volume, dry air (m3/h) 120  240   290 400 
Nom. regenerated air volume (m3/h) 35 45   65  85
Power supply 230V/1N+PE   
Max. power consumption (kW) 0,80  1,07 1,63  1,98 
Nom. power consumption electric heater (kW) 0,712 0,943  1,380   1,840
External pressure, dry air (Pa) 60 60   60  60
External fuse (A) 10  10  10  10
Sound level @ 1 metre (dB(A)) 62  58  60 62 
Weight (kg) 12 15   17 27 
Dry air outlet duct (Ø mm) 100  100 100  125 
Regenerated air outlet duct (Ø mm) 50  80 80  80 
 HxWxD (mm)  316x315x365  357x330x475 357x330x475   427x402x550
  • Adsorption dehumidification AD B control panel
  • Dantherm mobile dehumidification AD B
  • AD B handle for adsorption from Dantherm AD B handle
  • Rotor for Dantherm adsorption dehumidifiers AD B rotor
  • Dantherm mobile adsorption dehumidifiers AD B
Hygrostat and dew point controller

Hygrostat and dew point controller DA 20

Hygrostat and dew point controller

Hygrostat and dew point controller DH 24 with builtin sensor

Hygrostat DR 10

Hygrostat DR 10

Back plate

Cable holder

Cable holder


Adaptor for DA 20 and DH 24

Shelf Shelf
Filters Filters (10 pcs.)
Service manual

Selection guide

Configuration guide