CD 400 mobile dehumidifiers

  • Dantherm dehumidification CD 400-18 CD 400-18

Mobile dehumidifier for protection of homes, weekend cottages and offices.

The CD 400-18 works according to the condensation principle. Condensed water is led directly into the drain or into a water tank. The mobile dehumidifier automatically switches off when the tank is full.

The compact design of the CD400-18 ensures that the dehumidifier fits in most locations. This allows discreet control of the relative humidity and reduction of allergens such as dust mites, mould and dry rot.

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  • Archives
  • Bathrooms
  • Holiday homes
  • Automatic tank full cut-out 
  • Drain outlet for connection to a water hose
  • Practical carrying handle
  • Adjustable air outlet flaps, upwards or downwards
  • Timer select function: 2, 4 or 8 hours operation
  • Dehumidifcation capacity up to 18 ltr./24 hours
  • Tasteful and modern design
  • Easy operation
  • Low sound level
Portable dehumidier CD 400-18
Operating range - temperature 5-35oC Optimal operating range The optimal operating range of CD 400-18 is between 16 and 35 deg. C
Operating range - humidity 50-100% RH
Dehumidification capacity  @ 30oC/80% RH 18 litres/24 hours
Dehumidification capacity  @ 20oC/60% RH 7 litres/24 hours
Air volume 180 m3/h 
Power supply 1 x 230 /50 V/Hz 
Max. ampere consumption 1,8 A
Max. power consumption 0,40 kW
Refrigerant/quantity R134a/0,145 kg
Sound level @ 1 metre 48 dB(A)
Weight 13 kg
Water container capacity 4,5 litres
IP protection class 20
HxWxD 575 x 380 x 225 mm
  • Dantherm dehumidification CD400-18 with handle down
  • dehumidifiers from Dantherm CD400-18 control panel
  • dehumidifier with water tank CD400-18 with tank closed
  • Dantherm dehumidification CD400-18 CD400-18 with tank open
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