Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers for plant room installation

  • Swimmingpool dehumidifier CDP 40T CDP 40T
  • indoor pool dehumidifier CDP 50T CDP 50T
  • Dantherm swimming pool dehumidifier CDP 70T CDP 70T

High-quality, energy-efficient, through-the-wall swimming pool dehumidifiers for plant room installation.

The Dantherm dehumidifiers CDP 40T-50T-70T for humidity control in indoor swimming pools are developed with a focus to quality, functionality and energy saving. Highly efficient fans and compressors, combined with a new advanced remote control and monitoring options, contribute to cost-efficient operation and significant energy savings.

Advantages with CDP swimming pool dehumidifiers:

  • Light and compact units
  • Very low sound level
  • Very low power consumption
  • High dehumidification capacity
  • Built-in electronic hygrostat and thermostat
  • BMS communication (Modbus)
  • USB gate for PC Tool
  • Control signal for additional exhaust fan
  • Optional wireless remote control
  • Optional built-in water heating coils and electric heating coils

Corrosion protection

Dantherm CDP 40T-50T-70T dehumidifiers are designed to endure the aggressive conditions in indoor swimming pools. All metal parts and internal surfaces are powder coated before assembly and evaporator and condenser coils are made of epoxy-coated aluminium. The corrosion protection is in accordance with EN/ISO 12944-2, class C4.

Communication options

The swimming pool dehumidifiers CDP 40T-50T-70T are equipped with RS 485 gate for BMS communication, USB gate for PC Tool and prepared for internet communication.

Wireless remote control

A newly developed remote control allows reading and setting of relative humidity and temperature, alarms and service information. 

Full range of pool room and through-the-wall versions

The CDP swimming pool dehumidifiers are also available in a pool room version.

Swimming pool dehumidifiers for installation in the pool room: CDP 40-50-70

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  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Therapy pools
  • Spas
  • Wellness centres


  • Built into a strong and robust powder coated hot galvanized sheet metal cabinet
  • Evaporator and condenser coils are epoxy-coated for high corrosion resistance
  • Fixed to the wall by means of a wall mounting strip supplied with the unit
  • Condensate outlet located at the bottom. Outlet stub can be connected to a ¾” hose
  • Outside connection to mains


  • Built in electronic hygrostat and thermostat
  • To establish ideal ambient sensor point (RH/t) the fan(s) run 1 minute each hour
  • Integrated ON/OFF control of humidity and temperature (electric or water heating coils as accessories)
  • 0-VOLT connection for alarm
  • 230 V for control valve, exhaust fan and pump/boiler
  • RS 485 gate for BMS (Modbus)
swimming Pool dehumidiers CDp  40T CDp 50T CDp 70T
Operating range - temperature (°C) 10-36
Operating range - humidity (% RH) 40-100
BMS ModBus
Hygrostat Built-in
Thermostat Built-in
Air volume (m3/h) 400 680 900
Dehumidification capacity
at 28°C/60% RH (l/24h)
34 52 69
Power supply 1 x 230 /50 V/Hz
Max. ampere consumption (A) 3,8  6,6 
Max. power consumption (kW) 0,9 1,5 1,8
Refrigerant/quantity (kg) R407C/0,7 R407C/0,9 R407C/1,2
Compressor Rotary
Fan Radial
Sound level (in pool room @1 metre from the wall)  (dB(A)) 43 44 47
SEC value at 28°C/60% RH 0,47 0,48 0,43
Filter G3 - PPI 15
Weight (kg) 57,5 66 77,5
HxWxD (mm) 700x998x304 700x1148x304 700x1483x304
Protection class IPX4
Corrosion protection according
to EN/ISO 12944-2
  • Dantherm swimming pool dehumidifier Air inlet and outlet openings on the back
  • Swimming pool dehumidifier Wall mounting strip
  • Swimming pool dehumidifiers for plant room installation Swimming pool dehumidifiers for plant room installation
  • Swimming pool dehumidifiers in a through the wall version Swimming pool dehumidifiers in a through the wall version
remote control Dantherm swimming pool dehumidifier

Wireless remote control DRC1


Water heating coil

control valveactuator

Control valve for water heating coil

 elelctric heating coil

Electric heating coil

 exhaust fan Exhaust fans
Duct kit Through wall duct kit with filter, extension and grill. For walls between 70 and 366 mm thickness.
 Adapter  Duct lead-in adapter
Service manual