Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers
for ducted installation

  • Dantherm dehumidification CDP 75-125-165

High-quality and energy-efficient swimming pool dehumidifiers for ducted installation in a plant room.

The ducted swimming pool dehumidifiers CDP 75-125-165 are designed for use in larger private pools, commercial swimming pools and spas, changing rooms, warehouses, production areas and archives. 

The CDP swimming pool dehumidifiers are close to silent and the installation in a plant room further reduces the noise.

The CDP 75-125-165 pool dehumidifiers are highly flexible regarding installation. The control panel and other components can be moved from one side to another and the supply air discharge can be from the top or from the side opposite the air inlet.

The CDP 75-125-165 swimming pool dehumidifiers are also available with a water-cooled condenser allowing the excess heat to be used for pool or sanitary water heating.

A range of options are available for the CDP 75-125-165 pool dehumidifiers to meet individual requirements, including LPHW heating coil, fresh air connection, wall-mount kit, A.V. floor mount kit, defrosting kit and failure monitoring kit.

Ventilation and dehumidification in bigger swimming pool halls:

Our range of ventilation units includes ventilation and dehumidification units with heat pump especially designed for ventilation and dehumidification in big swimming pools:

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  • Changing rooms
  • Hotel pools
  • Therapy pools
  • Warehouses
  • Wellness centres
  • The CDP 75-125-165 are built into a cabinet made of hot-galvanized, powder painted and double-skinned panels with 50 mm insulation
  • Evaporator and condenser coils are protected against corrosion
  • The condensate outlet is located on the air inlet side
  • The outlet stub can be connected to a water hose
  • Air inlet through a filter placed in a removable frame
  • Dry air outlet positioned either horizontally or vertically through the top of the unit
  • The access for inspection can be moved to the opposite side
  • Fresh air inlet possible through fresh air duct
  • Can be supplied with an optional water-cooled condenser. Coupling pipes are made of copper
  • Rotary/reciprocating compressor
  • Radial fan
  • CDP 75 and CDP 125 can be wall mounted using a wall mount kit
  • CDP 75, CDP 125 and CDP 165 can be placed on the floor using a shockabsorbing floor mount kit (accessory)
  • A water heating coil can be mounted in the air outlet duct for further heating of the dry air (accessory)
Pool dehumidiers
plant room version
CDp 75 CDp 125 CDp 165
Operating range - temperature (°C) 20-38
Operating range - humidity (%RH) 40-100
Air volume (m3/h) 1500 2500 3600
Dehumidification capacity at 28oC/60% RH (l/24h) 74 124 162
Dehumidification capacity at 30oC/60% RH (l/24h) 79 132 175
Power supply (V/Hz) 1x230V;50 Hz 1x230V;50 Hz / 3x400V;50 Hz 3x230V;50 Hz / 3x400V;50 Hz
Max. ampere consumption (A) 9,5 12,9 / 7,6 20,2 / 11,5
Max. power consumption (kW) 1,85 2,8 / 3,2  4,3
Refrigerant/quantity (kg) R407C/2,1 R407C/5,2 R407C/6,8
Sound level @ 1 metre (dB(A) 58 60 63
Weight (kg) 130 160 190
Filter EU 3 EU 3 EU 3
Protection class IPX4 IPX4 IPX4
HxWxD (mm)  650x1155x725  850x1300x900 975x1400x1010 
  • Dantherm swimming pool dehumidifier The inspection side of the unit has a display panel with LEDs and push buttons.
  • Ducted pool dehumidifier from Dantherm Section with control panel
  • Pool dehumidifier ducted version Duct connection for air inlet
  • Dantherm pool dehumidifier Inspection door with handle

Room hygrostat

Room thermostat

Duct hygrostat

Wall mounting kit

Shockabsorbing floor mount kit

Water heating coil

Defrost sensor

External failure monitoring kit

Service manual

Configuration guide