Dantherm tent heaters
never let us down

Icelandic Search and Rescue team Sudurnes uses Dantherm mobile tent heaters in their rescue missions in Iceland and other cold regions.

"We have used Dantherm's VA-M15MKII tent heater in many missions, both in really cold and hot weather and it has never let us down while others around us have different heaters that have failed".

This was the flattering statement from Guðni Emilsson of ICE-SAR, an Icelandic life-saving and rescue team association, when he contacted Dantherm in March 2013 in order to buy another VA-M15MKII heater for the tents used for search and rescue missions in Iceland and also with the international ICE-SAR team. 

ICE-SAR Sudurnes received their second VA-M15MK II in April 2013 and hopefully this new heater will prove to be just as useful and reliable as the first one and ensure comfortable accommodation for the rescue teams under extreme weather conditions.

Below is a picture from an ICE-SAR rescue mission in Greenland, where a mobile tent heater VA-M15MKII was used constantly for three days and three nights keeping the tents at 15°-20°C at outside temperatures from -5° to -10°C. 

ICE SAAR 459Iceland is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean, 103,000 km2 in size. The population is 300,000. The landscape is magnificent, with spectacular wilderness and the largest glaciers in Europe. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, extreme weather and snow avalanches are part of what Icelanders have to deal with. Unlike most countries, there is no army in Iceland, and the Icelandic Coast Guard is small, with only a few ships and aircrafts.

ICE SAAR 1Independent associations like ICE-SAR have an extensive role in prevention and rescue work in Iceland. Thousands of volunteers dedicate themselves to work for the ICE-SAR rescue teams, accident prevention divisions and youth sections. Their joint mission is to prevent accidents and save human lives and valuables. In order to fulfil that role there are extensive groups of volunteers always available, night and day, year round.

Read more about Dantherm Mobile Heating units type VA-M15MKII:

Read more about ICE-SAR here: http://www.icesar.com/


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Mobile tent heater

High efficiency.
Reliable and easy operation.
Allowing ventilation without heating.
Cold start at temperatures down to -40°C.
Adjustable fresh air intake from 0 to 40% of the total air volume.
Flawless operation during long periods at maximum load under extreme weather conditions.