Aquarama in Kristiansand

Aquarama - a complete installation

Aquarama is a big aquaparc placed next to a hotel in Kristianssand in Norway. It includes olympic-size swimming pools, diving facilities, spa bath, gyms, sports halls and restaurants and different health and fitness facilities. The total area is approx. 41.000 m2 and the capacity is 1000 visitors at one time.

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DanX air handling units

In connection with the recent refurbishment of this aquaparc the owner chose a DanX swimming pool dehumidification/air handling solution from Dantherm.

The air handling solution from Dantherm includes the following DanX units:
4 Dantherm DanX 12/24 air handling units 
1 Dantherm DanX 3/6 air handling unit

Owner: Kruse Smith, BRG and Kristiansand Kommune, Norway
Project supervisor: Asplan Viak AS, Norway
HVAC contractor: Oras AS, Norway

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Dantherm DanX 12/24 air handling unit, control panel to the right.


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