Cardiff International Pool

Cardiff International Pool is the region's premier aquatics facility and includes an Olympic size competition pool and a leisure pool, café & gym etc.

This hugely impressive building with curved glass façade first opened in 2008 and is managed on behalf of the local authority by Parkwood Leisure, which is one of the UKs leading leisure management companies.

The facility includes a 50m Olympic competition pool and the vast pool hall is served by three large air handling systems and the leisure pool by two further AHUs.  In total, the whole building includes ten DanX air handling units.

The Problem:
The air handling units corroded & deteriorated quickly in a pool environment and they started to fail on a regular basis, which exacerbated the corrosion issues and also, high humidity levels in the pool hall caused damaging condensation to form. Poor conditions in the poor hall not only affect bather comfort & steam-up the windows but corrode steelwork damage the decoration & expensive timing equipment etc.

It wasn’t a viable proposition to replace all the air handling units after just a few years of service, even though they weren’t fit for purpose.  The pool AHUs are extremely large and located in areas difficult to access. Therefore, the only practical & the most economical solution was to refurbish the air handling units & controls, in situ.  However, by 2014 the units were in such a poor state that some thought that the task was impossible.

The solution:
We were undaunted by the scale and difficulty of the problem and carefully planned a programme of works to refurbish the air handling units, including replacing all the fans and motors with components designed specifically for a corrosive pool atmosphere. This is the sort of challenge we relish and draw on our vast experience to find the best solution to even the most difficult problems.

Our Project Manager & Site Supervisor liaised closely with Parkwood’s management team at all times to minimise disruption and keep the facility fully operational during the six week programme of works.

The rectification works are covered by Dantherm’s twelve year collateral warranty in this instance and will be maintained by our own service engineers, therefore, safeguarding the long-term future of this superb facility.

"The complex contractual triangle of parties that have interests in the long term success of Cardiff International Pool made it imperative that Parkwood engaged a company that possessed all the necessary competencies (skilled technicians, specific technical expertise with pools and a proven track record of successful project management) to satisfy our contractual obligations.  Parkwood has been delighted with the agility, communication, precise project management, design of and delivery to detailed specification, the attention to safety whilst working in a public building and the ability to complete the project without interruption to the commercial operation.  We anticipate this to be the start of a good working relationship not only in the delivery of new plant but also in its maintenance arrangements and improvements in energy efficiency across the estate."

Andrew Wadland, Commercial Director, Parkwood Leisure.

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