Culture Center Limfjord

Culture Center Limfjord has profited by Dantherm’s expertise all the way through their new project, from projecting, over installation, start-up and commissioning of the ventilation plants to after sales support.

DanX - a cultural attraction

KCL_2The people behind Culture Center Limfjord are not afraid to tell everyone where they got the good indoor climate in the Culture Center. They simply placed one of the DanX ventilation units in the middle of the lobby visible to all the guests. The unit has been painted in matching colours and it is fitted with big windows giving a good view to the vital modules and elements of the DanX unit. And it attracts a lot of attention.

“We have worked together with Dantherm for many years in connection with our sports halls, fitness centre and swimming hall, says technical manager Helge Jakobsen from Kulturcenter Limfjord. “Therefore it was obvious for us to use their expertise from start to end in connection with the new project”.

5000 extra square meters

One year ago, Culture Center Limfjord celebrated the inauguration of the new almost 5000 square meters building. The building consists of a new main entrance with administration, main foyer with cloakroom and toilets, 3 room THX cinema and service facilities, café, restaurant and banqueting rooms with modern kitchen facilities, new 1250 seat concert hall and three spacious meeting rooms with all kinds of modern AV-equipment. The privateowned culture centre also comprises the adjacent Skive Hallerne with sports hall, fitness centre and waterpark.

Since the opening seven DanX ventilation units have provided a pleasant indoor climate for visitors, employees and equipment in the building. DanX is a modular and flexible ventilation unit allowing the user to choose exactly the functionality required in each individual case.

Optimal running of the ventilation plants

“Based on our experience with ventilation plants we wanted a unit without V-belt, as it is less servicedemanding”, explains Helge Jakobsen. Furthermore we wanted the plants to be frequency and temperature controlled with cooling coils and CO2 control. It gives a better control of the indoor climate and we save a lot of energy to the benefit of the environments”.

After installation the Dantherm After Sales Support team took care of commissioning and start-up of the ventilation plant, including setting of temperature and pressure, control of safety devices, dampers and measuring of air volume and air flows.

“The plants are controlled by a Building services control system, allowing us to be in full command of the optimum running of the ventilation plant at any time”, says Helge Jakobsen who works together with the Dantherm after sales support team to avoid sudden service stops.


“We are very happy with the local relations and take great advantage of having specialized technicians so close to”, says technical manager Helge Jakobsen about the close cooperation with Dantherm and their After Sales Support Team.





DThe built-in reversible heat pump can be adjusted to heating in the winter and cooling in the summer with max. heat and cooling recovery.

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