Drammensbadet -
the largest waterpark
in Norway

The new waterpark “Drammensbadet”, which was inaugurated on 1st September 2008 is situated just next to the old outdoor swimming pool. Altogether the pools contain 5500 m3 water, including 3200 m3 in the indoor pools. Therefore the figures are immense when describing the entire waterpark. As an example the glass front of the characteristic and modern buildings makes up as much as 4000 m2! The waterpark includes a 50 meters pool (which can be divided into two pools by an immersion wall), a wave pool of 25x8 m2, therapy pool, spas with moving pool floor, children's pool, water slides etc. as well as wellness and fitness centres.

Drammens 5With its big choice of activities the waterpark in Drammen is an attraction for many different groups of users: families, people doing exercise as well as active athlets. These different users require different water temperatures and indoor climates. Furthermore the big glass fronts result in big temperature fluctuations with the coming and going of the  sun.

The generally demanding conditions in a swimming pool (aggressive environments, high temperature, high relative humidity and energy consumption) makes it a big challenge to find a suitable system configuration and the right equipment to obtain a good indoor climate.

DanX ventilation units
The choice fell on DanX ventilation units. Dantherm has supplied five DanX Pool units with dehumidification, ventilation, heat recovery and heating of air and water. Max. quantity of treated air is 120.000 m3/hour. With a cross-flow heat exchanger and heat pump the energy utilization is very high and when there is no more need to heat the air, the surplus heat is used to heat the pool water or sanitary water. (A circuit with heat exchangers  "move" the heat to the place where it is needed). At the same time the humidity is kept at a reasonable level and the air remains fresh and clean.

Inviting plant - happy users

Drammens 2 

One of five DanX units

During a visit to the waterpark six months after the opening we ascertain that the waterpark in Drammen has become a success. Plant manager Arne Kristoffersen tells that the average number of visitors per day is 1000 and this is higher than expected. (In fact the number of parking places is a limiting factor!). The users are happy and satisfied and the entire waterpark appears very inviting with high quality building structure and equipment. After approx. ¾ year's operation (incl. a running-in period) there are no signs of moisture damage and chlorine smell is hardly perceptible.

The DanX units, the control system, duct and tubes contribute in a decisive way to the good indoor climate. 

Minor adjustments are still required to obtain a perfect control and heat distribution, but this should not be a problem thanks to the great flexibility of the system.

Drammens 3

The DanX control system

There is every indication that the waterpark - both the building and all the technical installations - has built-in solutions and features which bode well for a long and problem-free life.


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