Public swimming pool
in Sines, Portugal

When the council of Sines decided to construct its new sporting complex, soon the idea arose to incorporate an air handling system, capable of controlling the air temperature and humidity contents.

Sines 1A project with an air handling system was carried through, in order to guarantee the comfort needs of the users and staff, who work there daily. Thus, beyond the subject of comfort, they also had to take care of the preservation and maintenance of the building with low consumptions of energy. 

Caupel worked together with the project engineer to get the best solution, both  technically and in terms of economy. We decided for one air handling unit, reference DanX 7/14 XK unit, with 14 000 m3/h air volume, that will be installed outside the building. This unit was projected with cross flow heat recovery, that will allow to recuperate for fresh air, about 70% of the energy rejected from outdoor.

This air handling unit will allow to keep a comfortable environment in the complex in an economic and efficient way. In extreme situations, additional heating is supplied by a water heating coil, fed for a boiler.

Easy installation: 
Sines 3The fact that the DanX unit is  supplied in separate modules, offer the installer  easy transportation and installation as well as the possibility of assembling and  placing the unit in the most suitable position in the plant room.

European production: 
Controllers, heating coil, heat recuperator and all components of the DanX units are manufactured by Dantherm in Denmark.

Low energy consumption: 
The high efficiency of the cross flow heat exchanger guarantees the low gas consumption or another fuel for heating/cooling of the environment. 

Low maintenance costs:
The high quality of the DanX range guarantees a long life of the products, even in aggressive environments as is the case in swimming pools. 

Sines 4Commercial success: 
The DanX air handling unit has provided the users of the public swimming pool in Sines with a comfortable and pleasant environment and has made this investment a success.

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