The Trekroner Centre
Roskilde, Denmark

Trekroner describes a city, a place, an experiment, a vision and a frame - all at the same time. A place, where people can play, study, work, stay and live. Trekroner is well under way with developing into a finished neighbourhood outside the Danish city
Roskilde with both university, campus, school, institutions, businesses, living-quarters and now the Trekroner Centre, where two Dantherm DanX ventilation units with heat pumps provide a perfect indoor climate.

Trekroner_2The Trekroner Centre chose two DanX, because price and delivery was a good fit 

“At Kirkebjerg we have co-operated with Dantherm Air Handling for years. So I do not really have any good explanation as to why it took 15 years before I chose to use them as a supplier on a project,” says project manager Simon D. Joensen, Kirkebjerg A/S. “Actually, it was quite a coincidence that we chose Dantherm Air Handling. But I have definitely not regretted it.”

From the very beginning of the project the intention was that the indoor climate should be controlled by a ventilation solution with heat recovery in the newly built Trekroner Centre in the new University City, which, in these years, is shooting up near RUC just outside Roskilde.

However, it turned out, that the supplier, which Simon D. Joensen had in mind when he had to order the unit in November 2007, had much difficulty delivering at the right time. At the same time it became clear that Dantherm Air Handling was able to offer a better price, and therefore no doubt was left in his mind. 

“DanX is relatively easy to install, because everything, so to say, is in the stomach of the unit,” says Simon D. Joensen. “The unit arrives as an overall unit fully equipped with automatics, and to me that meant that I did not have to handle more actors.

All-in-one solution

The Trekroner Centre is a large combination of shops and offices with a total area of 5.700 m2 incl. a parking ground. A couple of very large groceries in the centre have their own ventilation units, but the gener


al solution with both ventilation, heating and cooling is handled by two DanX units with a heat pump.

“It is an all-in-one solution. In principle a big block which is rated for meeting all requirements, which the different tenants in the centre might have,” Simon D. Joensen explains. “The installations have already been put into good use, and they are working satisfactorily.”

Simon D. Joensen points out the fact that the integrated DanX solution has an advantage for the centre, because, in the future, they only need to ask one supplier for service and maintenance. With units manufactured by different suppliers, you risk that the service engineer, you have called, has to do service on a part of the unit which he has no thorough knowledge of. This is avoided when the whole unit is delivered by one supplier.

“The documentation from Dantherm is of high standard; we received technical dossiers very quickly along with instructions and diagrams. Overall our co-operation and sparring with Dantherm Air Handling's adviser was handled very professionally,” Simon D. Joensen explains, and he adds: “So it might have been the first time, but it will definitely not be the last.”

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