Wellness facility in hotel
in Zalacsány, Hungary

A wellness facility in the picturesque small village of Zalacsány, some 240 km away from Budapest now has a much better indoor climate thanks to a DanX XD & HP from Dantherm.

The compact DanX XD & HP unit is responsible for the complete air handling of a wellness facility in a hotel. The foundations of the building were laid down in 1490, and after many additions and reconstructions it has reached its current state in 1903.

Hungaria_hotel outside

In 2005, the owners created a wellness area consisting of a 10x3 m pool, and 2 m diameter large jacuzzi, and a sauna.

Hungaria_hotelinside_459Originally a traditional pool dehumidifier was installed, but it soon turned out that the unit was undersized, the pool hall was continuously overheated, and relative humidity was never below 75%. Dampness and corrosion became an everyday's problem not only for the owners, but for the guests as well.

DanX XD&HP 3The hotel underwent a change of ownership in 2013 and the new owners decided to solve the problems of the wellness area once and for all. Due to the lack of fresh outdoor air A.S. Hungaria Kft. - together with a well respected pool installation company - selected the newly developed Dantherm DanX XD & HP unit to provide sufficient dehumidification capacity and much needed fresh air supply.

The contract included the removal of the old dehumidification unit, the enlargement of certain parts of the duct work, the installation of the new unit, and commissioning. The bigger challenge was the routing and installation of the outdoor air intake and the exhaust ducts in such an old and precious building.

Hungaria_hotel inside_230The commissioning took place in december 2013, and the owner got a first hand experience between the old, undersized system, and the new DanX XD & HP unit.

Due to the supply of outdoor air, the comfort of the pool hall has reached a level that has never been felt there before. 

More information about A.S. Hungaria Kft: http://www.ash.hu/

Read about DanX XD & HP Ventilation for wellness and pool areas:

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