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New villa got
residential ventilation
with heat recovery


No more window condensation!
The Smedemark family in Jelling is very pleased with the comfortable room temperature, the suitable humidity and the fresh air in their new 160 m2 house. The investment in a demand controlled Dantherm residential ventilation is paid back on the heating bill.

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Heat recovery
ventilation system
in renovated house

Residential ventilation in renovated villa

A healthy home and a better night’s sleep!
Father and handyman Bjarke Skov did a part of the installation himself, when he invested in a residential ventilation plant from Dantherm, which now ensures his family a healthy home and a better night's sleep.

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No more worrying
about black mould
in an old house

Heat recovery residential ventilation in old house

No more smell of wet dog!
An improvement of the humid indoor air had high priority when Jannie and Mads Nejsum in Fly decided to renovate their large, old house. Now a Dantherm HCH residential ventilation unit in the attic provides a healthy and pleasant indoor climate throughout the house.

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